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Necromancer-icon.png Adrin Alkavi[edit]

Shadow Staff.png Deldrimor Scepter.png Villnar's Glove.png

Favorite Skills
Deathly Swarm.jpg Animate Bone Fiend.jpg Signet of Lost Souls.jpg Well of the Profane.jpg

Favorite Skills
Blood is Power.jpg Order of the Vampire.jpg Wail of Doom.jpg Spiteful Spirit.jpg

Elite Armor:




Elite Areas

Fun Facts about Adrin

  • He's the first character I made on my account, he's 43 months old now.
  • He got his first FoW armor set for 75 ecto and 200 parchment, no shards were required then.
  • He was my necro chest runner with 1400 chests opened before they made it account based.
  • He is my only other character with over 1500 hours logged. The other is my monk is 2000+
  • He has 2 sets of FoW armor because I needed PvP armor with Bloodstained Insignias (this was before Nightfall)
  • He is my only male character not max height
  • He played bonder necro in Pi's uber rspike. Yeah, 4 bonds and could cast profane on demand (25 energy), while leeloof is chasing around the altar trying to blackout. Keep the bip on 4 and 6 Alleji!
  • He is my only character that uses Green weapons. (villnar's has 2 inscriptions)
  • I know he's not full fow because of the cabal leggings, but they look better than the thigh showing homo pants.