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From the very start of User:Gaile Gray's presence on this wiki, her talk page has been inundated with comments. In order to attempt to keep things orderly, Gaile created a number of subpages to categorize comments, reports, and conversations that were mainly directed towards ArenaNet as a whole and not necessarily concerning her as an individual wiki user.

As more ArenaNet employees became more active on the wiki (such as User:Isaiah Cartwright, User:Martin Kerstein, User:Mike Zadorojny, and others), many of them also created subpages that served similar purposes, typically relevant to their line of work, but still more directed towards ArenaNet business rather than personal business.

Now, we've gotten to the point where there are many such pages on the wiki, and a number of them are actually relevant to multiple ArenaNet wiki users, such as a number of Gaile's subpages.


Thus, I propose that we create an ArenaNet (and correspondingly, an ArenaNet talk) namespace to house any and all pages intended for purposes related to communication with ArenaNet as an entity, whether it be bug reporting, game suggestions, support issues, dev updates, or other such content.


  • Centralized location for all ArenaNet communications pages (aside from personal user pages).
  • Shorter and simpler page names for high-traffic pages such as bug reporting and suggestions.
  • Possibly a little less personal user page talk inundation for ArenaNet users.
  • Easier to search.
  • Less burden on ArenaNet users to archive personal pages, without having to request community help.


  • Personal preference to keep pages in own userspaces? (Would have to inquire with the ArenaNet users involved.)