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Hello! I play Guild Wars as you maybe can see... :)

About me[edit]

I'm a boy from Sweden named Johan. I'm 14 years old, for you it maybe seems pretty young! ;)


I got some character's and which are:

  • Aiyana Sunshadow | Paragon
  • B A N A N E N | Assasin | My name is pretty lame and not good at all, but it is one of my first assasin's and my first character with elite armor.
  • Zaniel Demetriou | Mesmer
  • Dieu Courageux | Ritualist | This is my UW character, the name means "brave hero" in french. Don't really know why i picked that for a ritualist :o
  • Darquesse Darkbomb | Necromancer | My PvP Character. She's a bomber at Jade Quarry. Luxon of course! :)

New character[edit]

I have a problem and question you maybe can answer/help me with. As you can see i have many character's (at least I think that :o) and you maybe think: OH what a noob, so many character's!! But I just doesn't think its funny to play on a character when i have bought the Elite Armor. Any ideas of any fun things you can do after completing a game??

And now im thinking of delete Dieu Courageux and make a new ritualist (He doesn't have Elite Armor). Is that smart or just very, very stupid?!


This is my Youtube account: | Of course you can come visit it any time! :)