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About me[edit]

Hello I'm Amille Wishgranter, or Mari to some people. I've been on Guildwars on and off for about over 3 years. I'm very much new to Wiki's so bare with the uglyness for now. =)

I Enjoy PVE mostly and Roleplaying so if you ever need a person to come add a slightly odd and sometimes scary story to your travels just whisper me, I'm usualy on my Necro Mari Tair, Ele Aylin Lily or my mesmer of whon this Wiki account is named after.

A Fan of many genres of music/music in general. One of the things that attracted me to Guildwars was the musical score along with the interesting lore. After playing so many MMO's without a good lore to back them Guild wars was a breath of fresh air.

My Characters[edit]

Coming soon...ish

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