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Anaias Nin[edit]

A contributor to this wiki, as well as a GW monk. The flagship character of one Jason Schutte, who among other things is a GW addict.


The history of one Anaias Nin (named after the famed author) is a long and sordid one, involving many deaths, instances of being scammed, and GW all nighters (often on weeknights, much to the chagrin of varoius employers). Anais herself is not quite one year old, however the aforementioned Mr. Schutte has multiple characters who are past that milestone.

Anais belongs to the LaZy guild, and is a new member with the guild (my last one pretty much just died).

Other Characters[edit]

Other characters for this editor are as follows:

  • 1.)Stavros the Black- W/mo20- My first character, who now mainly serves as a storage and item selling mule
  • 2.)Mary Mother of God E/Me20- My latest project, Mary is my second most played character. She has been built primarily for elite area farming. (DoA, UW, FoW)
  • 3.)Eatin Ur Foodz R/mo20- Used to be my favorite character. Got tired of spending waaaay too much money on new bows so she's on haitus for the time being while I recover from excessive overspending.
  • 4.)Demon Biitch D/Mo20- My first Nightfall Character, and incidently my first character to get the 15k armor treatment. This is primarily a solo farming character.
  • 5.)Krytta Aash- A/Me20- My first Factions Character. She is also in the dustheap for the time being, very fun to play, but unfortunately suffered from the common fate of early sins, could never find a decent group.

Feel free to look up any of these characters in game and give me a shout.

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