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Dervish-icon.png Dragon Poison Well
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  • Dervish/Mesmer
  • Level 20, Elonian
  • Female
  • Height: Tall
  • Age: Unknown (4 years)
  • Experience: 1.23 mil
  • Armor:
Blue-Green Elonian
  • Pet: No pet
  • Minipets:

»  1st Year: Birthday Present.png = MINIATURE
»  2nd Year: Birthday Present.png = MINIATURE
»  3rd Year: Birthday Present.png = MINIATURE
»  4th Year: Birthday Present.png = MINIATURE

  • Titles:
  • Protector of Elona
  • Other Accomplishments:
  • Solo "Derv-Farmed" the FoW
  • Goals:
  • Primeval Armor


Acolyte Jin not acquired Acolyte Sousuke wearing Zaishen armor Dunkoro wearing Sunspear armor General Morgahn wearing Kournan armor Goren not acquired Koss wearing Sunspear armor Margrid the Sly not acquired Master of Whispers wearing Mysterious armor Melonni wearing Sunspear armor Norgu not acquired Olias wearing Krytan armor Razah not acquired Tahlkora wearing Istani armor Zenmai wearing Am Fah armor
Zhed Shadowhoof wearing Veldrunner armor Jora wearing Norn armor Pyre Fierceshot wearing Charr armor Ogden Stonehealer wearing Dwarven armor Livia not acquired Gwen wearing Ebon Vanguard armor Vekk wearing Asuran armor Anton not acquired Xandra wearing Turtle Clan armor Hayda not acquired Kahmu wearing Vabian armor MOX acquired

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