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Firstly, I don't know how to make all those pretty little boxes and/or animations on my User Page, so I'm just going to make this page one big 'black-on-white' frenzy (yes, that's a racial comment, sue me). One may gain an understanding on this page and the person designing it by READING it (sorry that I didn't make a pretty blue box for you to oggle and/or fondle). I must apologize to those types of people which do not appreciate their ability to read; sorry that I'm not making things easy for you. Tough.

For the rest of you: Welcome to my page, have fun reading and make certain that you don't get lost.

I am of firm opinion that Elementalist Aziure's armor should be made available to players once again.

Gwen's quotes while burning Ascalon:

  • My 3 favourite things: Skipping, playing the flute, and burning towns down.
  • Mommy always said not to play with fire. But Mommy's dead.
  • Why does everyone I love always die?
  • You didn't save Ascalon, now I'm going to hurt you.
  • Painful to live in fear, isn't it?
  • The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!
  • If you don't get off me, I'll burn you, <Player name>.
  • Do you like fire, <player name>?
  • Okay, <player name>, time to die.
  • Eenie meenie miney moe, I pick you, <player name>.
  • Did I say you could talk to me, <player name>?
  • Stop touching me, <player name>, that's inappropriate behavior.
  • My name is Gwen, and I don't liiike yooou.
  • Ashes, ashes, you all fall down!

Xandra's coolest battle quote:

  • Close your eyes. Breathe deep. Exhale. Stop.


Ara the Elegant - my oldest character. She's a fire elementalist and a title hunter, and enjoys using Sabway necromancer heroes to farm Bogroot Growths in hard mode.

Ara of the Drow - is my assassin. Since the most recent Shadow Form nerf she has fallen into disuse, but I have reformed her skillbar to make her a Deadly Arts sin. She is just as effective as before, thanks to some ingenuity and effort.

Avatar of Ara - she is a monk, and has builds for every attribute in her class. She will always prefer smiting over anything else, but because other adventurers don't appreciate smiting quite as much as she does, she has to be a healer in order to find a group. This makes her very mad!

Devout of Ara - is a ranger. She is NOT a toucher, a thumper, a farmer, a beast master, or anything special like that. She wields a bow and uses it to fire arrows. She kills people quickly using a highly specialized build and is content with how things currently are.

Spirit of Ara - is the deadly ritualist. She started out as a Channeling caster, moved on to Restoration healing, and most currently has taken to being a Nightmare-Triple Shot ranger.

Tahlynn Koh - a necromancer. She is a Necrosis-spam caster. She is not a Sabway healer or a Minion Master, nor is she an SS caster. She kills things quickly enough with Necrosis.

Ara Doll - my warrior. She enjoys exploring dangerous, monster-filled areas. She focuses on Strength, with minor emphasis on Swordsmanship.

Ara Rho Celduur - is a mesmer. She alternates between Illusionary Weaponry and an e-denial build, but always has fun.

Other Games[edit]

Over the years I have tried my hand at many a game. On this page I will try to compose a list of the more popular ones.

Dungeon Siege - Great game, wonderful GUI and gameplay. Impressive graphics for the day, and still a lot of fun to go back to every now and then. Also very easy to mod when you get bored of one aspect of play.

Nox - Limited in play style and adventure options, but good graphics and challenging where it counts. Fun to struggle with and just play through.

Diablo - I have played all of the games in thsi franchise so far (including Hellfire and Purgatory mods, etc.). They were a great deal of fun, and effectively introduced me to the world of sword-and-spell games.

Age of Mythology - Great graphics, interesting GUI and play style, and versatile. It got an A+ in my book.

Command and Conquer - I own all of the command and conquer games for the PC and have beaten each and every one. The original Command and Conquer was my first computar game, and was a great deal of fun. More recently I was disappointed by the beta of Red Alert 3 when I played it, but EA owns the franchise now, while Westwood is on the backburner. I don't expect to see anything good from C&C anymore.

Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale - These games were very good, and opened my mind to the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Now I have my own role playing game I've designed, as well as the 3.5 editions of the DM Guide, the Player's Handbook, and the Monster Manual.

Warcraft - I played in this franchise all the way through Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. I tried my hand at World of Warcraft long before I played Guild Wars, and was very disappointed with how it was done.

Guild Wars[edit]

In Guild Wars I have found sanctuary from a swirling vortex of MMO games. GW is probably the greatest MMO I have played, but I am worried about Guild Wars 2. I hold concerns specifically for vanquishing, running, farming, and simple privacy (the in-game kind). I will most certainly buy teh game, but I do not expect that I will be immediately forgetting about my Guild Wars 1 account. I will hold any firm judgement for when Guild Wars 2 is released.