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Warrior-icon.png Bizak Dragun [DEC][edit]

My primary character has over 3200 hours on it out of over 4400 hours total.

  • Bizak - "one who fights"
  • Dragun - [Dragoon] member of horse mounted infantry.
  • Legendary Skill Hunting Spearmarshal of Holy Lightbringing.
  • Secretly Drunk Sweetoothed Delver of Shabbiness.
  • Surviving Guardian of Everything and Slayer of All.
  • Partying Cartographer of Vanquishing.



  • 15k Obsidian, Primeval, Gladiator Set dyed black.
  • Vabbian, Ancient, 15k Dragon sets.
  • 15k Plate Set dyed original black.
  • Chaos Gauntlets + Glacial Gauntlets.
  • Req9 Shocking 15^50 Chaos Axe of Defence.
  • Req9 Zealous 15^50 Tormented Axe of Fortitude.
  • Req9 Tormented Strength Shield -5, +30.
  • Req9 Emboldened Carapace Shield dyed original black.
  • Req8 Sundering 15Stance Feathered Longbow of Fortitude.

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Current Favourite:

Enduring Snow OQASEZJTCFdaRF8V2Fvlylui

Power Attack
Warrior's Endurance
Asuran Scan
Pain Inverter
Snow Storm

Warrior-tango-icon-200.png This user is a Warrior by nature.
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