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Worries about the PvE/PvP split[edit]

When ArenaNet first introduced the PvE/PvP split we were told that the splitting of skills would be a rare thing, only done in extreme circumstances, with a lot of careful thought. Look at this Game_updates/20090618...

The most problematic splits I believe are where the PvE and PvP versions are completely different skills, with no resemblance. A split that changes the cost, cast time, recharge of a skill but retains the same basic functionality, I don't really mind. That's what's required to keep both the PvP and PvE players happy. There are already hundreds of skills in the game, remembering what they all do is hard enough without having two separate skills with the same name, that behave differently depending on where you are!

Buffing spirit levels and binding ritual casting time for PvE is fine, in PvE the party is a lot more mobile and the foes you're facing are a lot higher level. The binding rituals casting time is now 3/4s an 1s long, but still use an animation designed for 3s and 5s casts. The result is a spastic ritualist! Please either change the animation to the fast casting spell for PvE, or better yet, slow down the casting time to 1s and 3s so that the poor monsters have some opportunity to interrupt (and us to interrupt the monsters) and also give meaning to the new Signet of Creation.

Skills that have been killed for PvP[edit]

Smiter's Boon

Skills with separate but similar functionalities[edit]

"Brace Yourself!", "Can't Touch This!", "Find Their Weakness!", Avatar of Grenth, Bladeturn Refrain Fragility, Lightning Orb, Read the Wind, Warrior's Endurance, Weapon of Warding,

Skills with separate functionalities that have no resemblance[edit]

"We Shall Return!", Aegis, Armor of Unfeeling, For Great Justice!, Signet of Binding, Signet of Creation, Signet of Ghostly Might, Signet of Spirits, Unyielding Aura,

These are the main sinners. I'd really like to see these skills reworked to have more similar PvE and PvP effects. Ideally take the new PvE functionality and introduce a lower powered version of it for PvP. If that's not possible then Smiter's Boon them, please.