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Mesmer-icon.png Delirium of Saxony
Empathy.jpg Empathy is Delirium of Saxony's favorite skill.
"Now you see me, now you don't!" -Seaguard Hala
  • Mesmer/X
  • Level 7, Tyrian
  • Female
  • Height: minimum
  • Age: Created December 2007
  • 1st Year Birthday Present.png=
  • 2nd Year Birthday Present.png=
  • Experience: ~22,000
  • Deaths: ~3 (0.5 deaths per hour)
  • Time: ~6 hours (0.1% playtime overall)
  • Skill Points: x / x
  • Armor:
Dilettante's armor, Krytan armor
  • Pet:
no pet.
  • Heroes:
  • Titles:
  • Other Accomplishments:
  • Goals:

Mundane Fabulous Knights Alliance
Leader Mundane Fabulous Knights
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