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Voice of Grenth.jpg
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This is Grenth. He told me to kill things.

Current thought[edit]

  • A war in The Wilds just followed me around the outpost on autorun, trying to /rank me with a glowy gold wolf head like bambi. What.. what was he doing? It makes absolutely no sense o_O
  • Archemorus.

You valiantly lay down your life to save all of cantha and what do your people do?

They smash your skeleton, glue it together into a stick form, seal you in it and use it to fish.

  • 31/50. I got all items for Guild Wars 2, i'm done with HoM. (thanks to alex for pushing me there)
  • I do not understand /ranking people. What is it supposed to do, make you mad? How is that bothersome? o_O

Wishlist and other projects[edit]

Everlasting Phantasmal Tonic.png Everlasting Unseen Tonic.png Everlasting Gelatinous Tonic.png Everlasting Searing Tonic.png Everlasting Birthday Tonic.png


  • Not the face! inscription +10
  • Sleep now in the fire inscription +10
  • Riders on the storm inscription +10
  • I have the Power! +5e martial weapon
  • Trough thick and thin inscription +10
  • Leaf on the wind inscription +10
  • Life for today +15e/-1

Stuff i still need to do for my chars[edit]

  • MesmerRitualist: Buy get loads of armor remnants from DoA to pimp all heroes' armor
  • MonkGet 6 more Tormented shields to complete the set
  • MonkLearn to be more patient with crappy pugs
  • MonkObby armor set for pvp dyed blue or black
  • AssassinFinish all 4 campaigns(3/4)
  • AssassinElite luxon set for pvp
  • RitualistFinish prophecies
  • ParagonFinish all campaigns (1/4)
  • MesmerFinish all campaigns (0/4)

Special thanks to[edit]

  • Dime Cadmium For knowing,fixing and telling me how to get my userboxes in a row.
  • Dime Cadmium AGAIN for miraculously managing to get the background around the userboxes blue.
  • Wynthyst for having page templates
  • Previously Unsigned for having a link to a userbox template
  • Horsedrowner for making the template in the first place
  • Mann of Strength for his navbar
  • Other people i probably forgot. (I add as i remember/find!)
  • Alex for putting up with me long enough to get me a mini black moa

Favorite skills[edit]


Bug Bug.This user is hated by everything in The Underworld. Its inhabitants put in special effort to ruin his attempts at farming Ectos.
Bug Bug.This user hates assassins even though he plays one himself
Bug Bug.This user is always short on money, no matter how much he saves.
Bug Bug.This user's feet smell horribly.