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Power Shot.jpg This user loves Rangers in Guild Wars, as well as ranged combat in general!

My Place in the Wiki

I am extremely dedicated to all things related to the Prophecies campaign (or "Guild Wars" as I still call it!). I'm just one of those oldies who finds the original always to be better (with the exception of Warcraft III, in which case you simply MUST get the expansion pack!). As such, you can find me primarily submitting Prophecies-esque stuff. I am also big on images, and will try and upload images whenever they are needed and within my grasp.

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My Place in the Wonderful World of Oz-err, Guild Wars

In Guild Wars, the quiet editor you all know and love transforms into his secret identity - Lord E, King of Tea! Well, not really.

I AM however a caring father/mother/uncle/guardian/kidnapper/zookeeper of five wonderful children - all of which can be found in my character pages (use the shiny new navbar at the top). There were others, but they defied my will and now reside in the Realm of Forgotten Heroes.

Boxes by the Boxful
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These are some random images I've collected. If you wish to retain your spleen, hover your cursor over them and read the captions!

Henchies + Greater Conflagration = One really dead dragon ^_^ Gates of Kryta has a little hidden bundle of joy Thanks to Alien for giving me such lovely salami! No you can't have any! :P