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Here's my Tyrian Skill Hunter checklist for my ranger. I like to focus title gain on one character at a time. Once he gains the title, if I still have the vigor and enthusiasm (doubtful...) to get this title on other characters, I will clean the page of all strikeouts.


Random Notes[edit]

Captured Incendiary Arrows. I thought it would be a pain (my ranger took like 20 tries with PuGs to beat RoF, and only once had any of the groups attempted the volcano path, as it's common sense now the front door is easier). A few times I henched RoF simply for bragging rights, and this was no different. Found it a lot easier to get through the volcano than with a PuG. Then again, isn't everything that way? In short...

Captured Incendiary Arrows. WHO'S YOUR DADDY?! :P


For reasons unknown, adding the Core elite skills wikicode here causes my browser to get a 404 (well not 404, but one of those errors like it). So here's the ugly tablefree core checklist.

Cleave Devastating Hammer Battle Rage Hundred Blades "Charge!"

Ferocious Strike Escape Barrage Spike Trap Quick Shot (CLEARED)

Spell Breaker Word of Healing Shield of Regeneration Signet of Judgment Martyr

Blood is Power Lingering Curse Plague Signet Tainted Flesh Grenth's Balance

Energy Surge Mantra of Recovery Crippling Anguish Energy Drain Echo (CLEARED)

Lightning Surge Obsidian Flesh Elemental Attunement Mind Burn Mind Freeze


Warrior-icon.png Warrior

Ranger-icon.png Ranger (CLEARED)

Monk-icon.png Monk

Axe Mastery
Eviscerate Eviscerate
Hammer Mastery
Backbreaker Backbreaker
Earth Shaker Earth Shaker
Bull's Charge Bull's Charge
Defy Pain Defy Pain
Dwarven Battle Stance Dwarven Battle Stance
Flourish Flourish
Warrior's Endurance Warrior's Endurance
Gladiator's Defense Gladiator's Defense
"Victory is Mine!" "Victory is Mine!"
No Attribute
Skull Crack Skull Crack
Marksman's Wager Marksman's Wager
Oath Shot Oath Shot
Practiced Stance Practiced Stance
Crippling Shot Crippling Shot
Punishing Shot Punishing Shot
Wilderness Survival
Greater Conflagration Greater Conflagration
Incendiary Arrows Incendiary Arrows
Melandru's Arrows Melandru's Arrows
Melandru's Resilience Melandru's Resilience
Poison Arrow Poison Arrow
Divine Favor
Aura of Faith Aura of Faith
Peace and Harmony Peace and Harmony
Unyielding Aura Unyielding Aura
Healing Prayers
Healing Hands Healing Hands
Protection Prayers
Amity Amity
Life Barrier Life Barrier
Mark of Protection Mark of Protection
Restore Condition Restore Condition
Shield of Deflection Shield of Deflection
Smiting Prayers
Shield of Judgment Shield of Judgment

Necromancer-icon.png Necromancer

Mesmer-icon.png Mesmer

Elementalist-icon.png Elementalist

Blood Magic
Life Transfer Life Transfer
Offering of Blood Offering of Blood
Order of the Vampire Order of the Vampire
Soul Leech Soul Leech
Well of Power Well of Power
Feast of Corruption Feast of Corruption
Spiteful Spirit Spiteful Spirit
Wither Wither
Death Magic
Aura of the Lich Aura of the Lich
Virulence Virulence
Domination Magic
Panic Panic
Power Block Power Block
Illusion Magic
Fevered Dreams Fevered Dreams
Illusionary Weaponry Illusionary Weaponry
Ineptitude Ineptitude
Migraine Migraine
Inspiration Magic
Keystone Signet Keystone Signet
Mantra of Recall Mantra of Recall
No Attribute
Signet of Midnight Signet of Midnight
Air Magic
Glimmering Mark Glimmering Mark
Mind Shock Mind Shock
Thunderclap Thunderclap
Energy Storage
Ether Renewal Ether Renewal
Ether Prodigy Ether Prodigy
Water Magic
Mist Form Mist Form
Ward Against Harm Ward Against Harm
Water Trident Water Trident
No Attribute
Glyph of Energy Glyph of Energy
Glyph of Renewal Glyph of Renewal