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Freyja Valkyrja
[[Image:]] User Evil Eyeball female sign.png Warrior-faded-large.png Ranger-faded-large.png
Feryja Valkyrja, her Axe and her guardian wolf Hamingja are on a quest through the lands of tyria to find the bravest warriors of every race, half of those she fights she slays, the other half she allows to live and takes with her to Folkvangr where they train to aid in the reclimation of ascalon and the restoration of her former kingdom to is pre searing beauty and prospaerity.
Strength 9 1
Axe Mastery 12 3
Wilderness Survival 9
Beast Mastery 3

Armour Ruins and Insignia
Tyrian Helm of Axe Mastery Warrior Rune of Superior Axe Mastery Lieutenant's Insignia
Tyrian Curais Rune of Superior Vigor Brawler's Insignia
Tyrian Gloves Warrior Rune of Minor Strength Brawler's Insignia
Tyrian Leggings Rune of Vitae Brawler's Insignia
Tyrian Boots Warrior Rune of Superior Absorption Brawler's Insignia

Weapon and Offhand
Axe 9-28 Zealous Of Fortitude Strength and Honor
Shield 16 Prefix Of Fortitude Luck of the Draw

Animal Companion
[[image:File:User Evil Eyeball Hamingja]] Wolf Hamingja Dire
Triple Chop.jpg
Keen Chop.jpg
Comfort Animal.jpg
Apply Poison.jpg
Dryder's Defenses.jpg
Troll Unguent.jpg