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Four-Leaf Clover[edit]

Ever since November 2008's update to titles, the Four-Leaf Clover has been terribly pale in comparison to its effect on the lucky and unlucky titles - well, non-existent for the later.

I would suggest to improve the 4 points of luck gained from losing 15% death penalty, and while add it, add some unlucky points to getting only 5% removed - a lot lower, mind you. Also, I'd add the % removed to be relevant to your rank in the lucky title (like retaining lockpicks).

Comparing to the Lockpick situation: The lockpick has a varying degree of retaining, but a set point reward for retaining the lockpick. There is exactly a 1/11 (1:10) chance of getting 15% death penalty removed at the moment.

I'd alter the chances of what % you get to this:

Lucky rank % chance to remove
5-14% death penalty
% chance to remove
15% death penalty
0 9.1% each 9.1%
1 8.9% each 11%
2 8.7% each 13%
3 8.5% each 15%
4 8.3% each 17%
5 8.1% each 19%
6 7.9% each 21%

Basically, rank 0 in Lucky would be as it is now - 1/11 for every % - but it would increase by 2% each one. For simplicity sake, I rounded to the nearest one's place, and evened out everything but rank 0.

Then, increase the amount of points gained. 15% should, imo, give 50 points. Why 50? It's a fifth of a lockpick and the item only comes around once a year. Unlucky I'd say should, like the lockpick, be altered based on the rank of lucky. For simplicity sake, I say start at 5 points (rank 0) and increase by 5 every rank. In the end, the table for how a four-leaf clover can effect death penalty and titles would turn out like such:

Lucky rank % chance to remove
5-14% death penalty
% chance to remove
15% death penalty
Lucky points gained
for -15% death penalty
Unlucky points gained
for -5% death penalty
0 9.1% each 9.1% 50 5
1 8.9% each 11% 50 10
2 8.7% each 13% 50 15
3 8.5% each 15% 50 20
4 8.3% each 17% 50 25
5 8.1% each 19% 50 30
6 7.9% each 21% 50 35

Olias and Zenmai[edit]

As time goes on, people will be more and more prone to playing alone. Similarly, new Beyond content - already geared as end-game content - will be a bit harder for some. Those who have Nightfall and Eye of the North won't suffer as much as those who don't, due to heroes (among other things), however those who only have Prophecies and/or Factions will be at a disadvantage - Prophecies more so than Factions thanks to Winds of Change giving those who only have Factions a chance to get 2 heroes.

My suggestion is to make Olias a Prophecies-only hero, and Zenmai a Factions-only hero. This will be done by 2 "new" quests that are mutually exclusive to All for One and One for Justice and Chasing Zenmai. I have 2 means to go about this, and I say "new" in quotation marks because both means would not be including brand new quests, but rather revamped versions of old quests.

While this doesn't greatly balance out those who don't own NF and EotN with those who do in terms of solo capabilities, the normal content for the campaigns is easy enough that it is balancing enough. For Beyond content and HM-only quests, that's another matter though.

Method 1[edit]

The simpler method would be to take Gain Olias and Gain Zenmai and simply alter a bit of the dialogue to remove the PC's involvement in Elona (e.g., from Gain Olias alter "the demons you mentioned were plaguing Elona" would be changed to "demons mentioned plaguing Elona").

Method 2[edit]

A little more complex but still simple would be to make duplicate quests of the current ones, but alter where to get and where to go to complete the quest. Instead of going to Dinja and Clerk Arlon one would go to Lionguard Figo and Imperial Guardsman Linro (for Olias and Zenmai respectively).

The issue with this method, while more lore-filled, would require that more dialogue is altered in order to make sense.

PvP Character Creation[edit]

Merely an aesthetics suggestion. For when creating a PvP character, remove the campaign choosing and go straight to the profession option. Along with that, merge the multiple face, hair style, hair color, and skin color options (as per how it is done via the appearance changer NPC). There’s little to no need for the separation, and would allow people to more accurately create looks for their characters that they want. It's reasonable for PvE, since the character is meant to be native to that campaign, but has no purpose for PvP.

Profession Limitations[edit]

With the 7 hero and the addition of Mercenary Hero updates out and about, there's been complaints about "game advantages" to those who pay more. While in some ways, having groups of single professions isn't much of an "advantage" it is a capability that's not cosmetic which is given to those who pay more for no actual content.

So my suggested solution is short, simple, and I'd have to say lovely.

Take the mechanic from the Codex Arena which prevents more than 1 profession within the party, and make that widespread - however, raise the limit. I think a limit of 4 (half the team) is more than enough - it allows you to have all 3 normal heroes plus yourself if you're of that profession in the same team. One can have 7 necromancer mercenary heroes if they so desire, but they can only use three necromancer heroes at any one time.

Teller of Tales[edit]

I think that it's high time that the Teller of Tales makes his appearance. However, instead of just being part of Halloween like originally intended, I'd like to see him as part of all festival events.

What would be the point of the NPC? Well, he'd have a two-fold purpose.

  1. He would give new lore on the event in question, akin to Lorespinner Ri So does for Canthan New Year, but more on the topic than that. During CNY, he'd talk about the origins of the celestial in question (or all celestials); during the Dragon Festival, he'd tell tales of the first Dragon Festival which occurred; during Halloween he'd tell tales of Thorn's past; during Wintersday, he'd tell the origin of the quarrel between Grenth and Dwayna!
  2. He'd also serve as a quest giver in some instances (see this for once instance). In most cases, they could be old historical quests, or perhaps modified/remade unimplemented quests, and even some of the alpha/beta missions such as the original entrance of Rotscale (assuming they're different than now other than that one). I can easily see him giving the quest Slay Rotscale, taking the party to the Northern Shiverpeaks and during the quest recounting Rotscale's history and tale up to its time in Kryta.

Promotional weapon[edit]

The promotional weapons all have some really cool skins to them, however they are highly underused due to their inherent mods. At best, they're used for low-leveled characters and heroes. At worst they are never even spawned.

Since making the skins more available (in a real way) would be counter-productive with the "uniqueness" of the weapons (which isn't even entirely needed, imo), a simple means of making these weapons more viable would simply be to alter their modifications. Currently, they are given set mods and are not inscribable. You can add additional mods, but you cannot overwrite preexisting mods (I am not sure if you can overwrite added mods).

My suggestion is to make the weapons all inscribable and allow preexisting mods to be overwritten. This would allow people to mod the weapons to whatever they want, and in turn will allow these weapons to be more viable by players.