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Hi there!
Species human
Level 32
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I live in Phoenix Arizona and have been playing GW since the Release of Prophecies. GW was my very first MMO experience and while I have tried other games I find myself always coming back to GW.

I love to play melee classes, Warrior, Dervish and Ranger being my favorite. On my Necro I play an MM mostly and really enjoy that play style as well. I mostly play with heroes and henchies, but if I see someone in chat looking for help with a quest/mission I'll usually help them out.

I consider myself to be a PvX player but spend most of my time in PvE. I really enjoy AB and would like to get into GvG as my guild grows.

Across all my characters I have played a total of 746hrs 8min over the past 26 months

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"It's like playing the game... when you can't play the game..."

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