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Info-Logo.png Note: This userpage is probably out of date. See my page on GuildWiki: here
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Message of the Day

Two things again that I don't like about this wiki: 1. there's weird codes to delete stuff and this wiki isn't big and complex enough that admins need a complex system to tell them why something should be deleted. It just makes it harder to understand when reviewing it from the outside. This and several other things appear to be because this wiki uses practices of Wikipedia that are required on the pedia because its a huge wiki. This wiki.... you don't need all this complex stuff. 2. I'm not a sysop. Which is hard to get used to because I am used to stopping vandalism early from just watching recent changes and its weird to just watch it.

Heather (RL)[edit]

Hi, I'm Heather. That's me over on the right. I am a level 21 Computer Science major at Stony Brook University. I was born and raised on Long Island. I'm a real girl and I like to think of myself as pretty fun and easy-going.

I am active PvPer and PvEer and my favorite classes to play are Paragon (spiking, breaking pve) and Elementalist (nuking and snaring).


I'm also a sysop here on GuildWiki. I try not to let the insane amounts of power at my fingertips go to my head... oh wait I has no powers here. =/... OMG... so weird to see vandalism and to not be able to find that ban button...

User page[edit]

Pretty much all the stuff for my user page is my own. I did get the menu tabs from Thedarkmarine on GuildWiki. I've always wanted to have tabs like that and I was glad I found someone who had already done it so I could see where to go. If you like my user page and want to copy design elements, I'm flattered! A small credit and let me know on my talk page is all I ask.


  • Adding missing skill abbreviations to this wiki.
  • Bringing my brilliance here
  • Quoting policy to people who like to bitch about it but haven't actually read it.
  • Filling in images as soon as I make some space in my screenshots folder
  • Admin proposal Would like to force the issue, but afraid I don't have time now.

Perhaps a pic of me? Maybe?

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