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Player Interaction[edit]

  • Allow players to share any template for any profession simply without loading it.
  • Make sharing of templates outside of outposts simpler. (perhaps alt+click?)
  • Do not limit the number of people in the ignore list and friends list.
  • Allow for adding comments to the friends list and ignore list. (So I know who I know from where).
  • Party window shows all party members.
  • LFG, etc are still added to the party window but the chat doesn't need to say "Party Search" and it doesn't truncate your message in the chat window.


  • Make pet evolution simpler and better defined.
  • Make pet attacks and commands function like normal skills. No more weird queuing and wondering which the pet is going use that attack.
  • Make a hero's xp gain viewable.
  • Heros' pets can be named.
  • Heroes know better than to trip the timer fighting the Zaishen in HA.
  • Heroes can equip PvE only skills.


  • Add a title of total faction with Balthazar accumulated.
  • Add a title of all quests completed.
  • Allow other players to examine you and see all the titles you've accumulated.
  • Add an option to display a random title each time you arrive in an outpost.
  • Make wisdom and treasure hunter titles account based.
  • Lightbringer doesn't have to be on to get the effect.I didn't get my wish but with the GW:EN title bonuses, it seems obvious why you'd only be able to pick one.
  • Players can display the Hero title before rank 3. Still no emote but whats the point of a title at all if you can't show it.
  • Hall of Monuments can display a lot more titles! Oh man, I have a list of grievances about that whole place!


  • Give bosses funny quotes to say in battle.
  • Give Prophecies a unique Fire Magic Elite. (The only elite available is Mind Burn which is core and does not fit at all with the fire magic line.
  • Show when a critical hit is landed. I can't be expected to listen to a tiny sound!
  • All Mesmer spells that cause damage cause Chaos damage. They function the same. Like holy damage, chaos damage ignores armor if caused by a spell but not if inflicted by a weapon.
  • Combine Shadow and Dark damage the same as Holy and Light damage
  • Cutscenes do not cause decay in minions. They should not cause Warriors to lose their adrenaline. The expiration timer on wards, enchantments, etc should be paused.
  • Make certain elites more useful... such as Balthazar's Pendulum, "The Power Is Yours!", Unyielding Aura. Some elites aren't as bad as others, its just that these skills are set up in a way that, you have so many better choices for elites, you'd never bring them. Also, "Incoming!" was overnerfed. Poor little guy...


  • Penalize players who leave the match before the timer to start expires.
  • HA battles and glad points also give tournament reward points.
  • Automatically replace players who leave with henchman of the same class OR allow for the group to add a hero.
  • If your opponent leaves or resigns in HvH, it is still counted as a win for all purposes. (Disable emotes or something but if the other guy gives up because I'm owning, I want that to count)..actually it usually does. idk why it doesn't always
  • Some benefit if you win HvH by default rather than just forced to go back to HB outpost and wasting time.
  • Players can observe all battles they take part in (can view GvG for battles you guest in)
  • Properly nerf heroway
  • Put favor back or make some additional benefit for winning Halls. Now we are basically fighting for a chest. Its not the same.


  • Anything to encourage people to use the party window.
    • Not that!
      • There we go. Now I can go into LA/Kamadan/Kaineng and turn the trade channel off and actually not have to sift through stuff.
  • Rename party window to trade window and make it more focused towards trade. Great job improving it and its actually really useful to find groups in all the districts in HA
  • Allow boat transfer to any capitol not just ports.
  • Add a walk function so I don't always run.
  • Allow any items which are identical to stack. (such as greens, a pile of weapons from a collector, etc).
  • Add target nearest minion/spirit and target next minion/spirit commands.
  • Indicate which skills are unlocked but are available at a particular skill trainer even if they weren't unlocked.
  • Allow storage to be opened anywhere in an outpost.
  • Implement a simple in game system for reporting bugs and reporting players.


  • Provide more PvP armor skins. Not elite ones obviously but specifically: Ascalon armor art and warrior helmets
    • That was fast. Not sure how it works at the moment. I'll be pissed if you need some NF shit for it thought.
      • I'm pissed. Need NF for hero battles. And you have to GvG for it. I should be able to get it with Balth faction straight up!
  • Encourage dye mixing so that combining dyes makes more intuitive combinations and more vibrant colors.
  • Do not show two dyes of the same color appearing differently from one dye of that color unless we can commit and obtain that color.
  • Allow hair styles to be changed the same way Roller Beetle shells could be changed.
  • Undergarments are dyable.
  • Hero armor is dyable
  • Nightfall armor skins available for PvP characters.
  • Factions portals have unique art

Items and Inventory[edit]

  • Better scale the value of chest drops to the value of keys
  • Scale loot so it is only based on a max party size of 4 for parties entering zones with less than 4 players. Entering a zone which has a max of 6 people in a party alone only scales as if you were in a party 1/4.
  • Increase filtering on the all chat channel so W T S, W2S, etc are not allowed.
  • Implement Item linking; see Image:ItemLinkingSystem.jpg

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