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Here's some info about me.

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Hello. My name is Justin.
I'm fairly new to MMO's in general, the closest thing to an MMO I've played is Runescape. :P But I am getting better. I mainly play with Henchmen and Heroes but when I do need help, I look for a party to join or I just ask my guild mates. I'm a pretty nice guy once you get to know me. Well, hope to see you all in the field.

Guild Wars Characters

Warrior-icon.pngAssassin-icon.png My Monkey Brains


My Monkey Brains
  • PvE character
  • Prophecies Campaign

  • Born:
  • Campaigns Completed: Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall Eye of the North
  • Legendary Cartographer
  • Legendary Spearmarshal
  • Canthan Grandmaster Cartographer
  • Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer
  • Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer
  • Protector of Tyria
  • Protector of Cantha
  • Protector of Elona
  • Kind of a Big Deal (8 maxed titles)
  • Adventurous Delver (66078 points)
  • Slayer of Heroes (69234 points)
  • Special Agent (61175 points)
  • Not Too Grumpy (49720 points)
  • Veteran of the North (505 points)


Current Build

Enraging Charge.jpg
Hundred Blades.jpg
"To the Limit!".jpg
Whirlwind Attack.jpg
Brawling Headbutt.jpg
Sun and Moon Slash.jpg
"Save Yourselves!".jpg