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Warrior-icon.png The Banished Kedjek
Executioner's Strike.jpg Executioner's Strike is The Banished Kedjek's favorite skill.
User Kedjek Banished front.jpeg Why do you think I'm stupid? Just because I'm a warrior doesn't mean I'm an idiot.
Born to a minor Kurzick House in Tanglewood Copse, this headstrong warrior was banished from Echovald Forest because of her refusal to follow the family and become an Assassin. She foraged her way to Shing Jea Monestary, where she learned the art of Balthazar and the power of the elements. After her training was complete, she served for a short time in the Canthan millitary. After being expelled for unknown reasons, she left for Tyria and took on the name Banished. She eventually traveled to the Far North and settled down among the Norn in Gunnar's Hold. Living far from humans, she patrols the Far North in search of challenges and entertainment.
  • Warrior/Ritualist
  • Level 20, Canthan
  • Female
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Age: 27 (created on July 19, 2006)
  • Experience: 5.3 million
  • Armor:
Elite Kurzick White Dye.pngSilver Dye.png
Primeval Blue Dye.pngBlue Dye.pngGreen Dye.png
  • Pet:
Kings Bane, a majestic Canthan Tiger.
  • Heroes:
  • Heroes to get:
  • Titles:
Champion of the Kurzicks
Holy Lightbringer
  • Other Accomplishments:
The only farmer in the family
  • Goals:
Legendary Guardian