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PvX This user plays PvE and PvP.
From USA
Server America
Campaign(s) Prophecies
Eye of the North
Alliance Kurzick
Favorite Profession Mesmer Mesmer

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Guild Wars brought me into the world of online gaming. I first heard about GW from an add on Gamespot. It looked interesting, so I checked it out. As it happened, the game was still in beta, with the E3 for Everyone coming up that weekend. I downloaded the client and was instantly hooked! That weekend, I didn't do anything else. After, I went out and bought the beta so I could play in the Beta Weekend Events.
At first, I was like any other newbie, gawking at the charred scenery of Old Ascalon and learning the controls. During the E3 event, I played a Ranger, but I noticed the red warning label over the Mesmer and knew I'd have to try it out. So during the Beta Weekends, I played my mesmer, a lovely lady by the name of Charter Mage. I absolutely loved the style. I knew I'd found my favorite profession. After release, I started a Warrior (I was still curious about the other professions) but came back to Mesmers.
More than 2 years later, and I have still not lost the joy in playing my Mesmer. I did learn to play all the other professions, and I can play most with a fair degree of skill. But only one profession can hold my interest for longer than a month at a time. I still play most of my other characters regularly, but my focus is currently split between my Mesmer, Paragon and Elementalist, with my warrior and monk still doing all the farming work.
I have been featured as a part of [ST] during their stint as Guild of the Week
As of Jan 2009, I still play, but rarely and usually end up chatting and talking to friends and guild members rather than playing. I have dabbled in Warhammer Online and played Age of Coanan briefly. Neither game has held my interest for more than a couple weeks, probably because GW has spoiled me.
February 2009 - I have recently joined a guild that does mostly AB and GvG, so that's what I'll be doing for a while.
July 2009 - I've decided to put GW on the back burner for a while and go play Aion for a bit (Betas + when it comes out).
January 2010 - Regained my account from gold farmer thanks to NC Support. Not real happy to see that every piece of armor on main chars is gone. Surprisingly, whoever got my stuff did not take my Tormented weaps, and left me a set of armor on my para and my war. Also left all my minis, and I have 180Platinum.gif and 14 Glob of Ectoplasm.png in the bank; I'm pretty sure I didn't have that when I left.
March 3 2010 - Got the chars I want to play in playable condition and the time to play them. Just gotta get the motivation to play again... Decided to go skill capping on my war to get used to the controls again - Aion messed up my finger habits pretty good.

Updated March 3, 2010

Guild History
The Crusaders [TC] From the moment I started playing I was in this guild. I'd heard about guilds on the net, and the leader (Photics) was kind enough to send me an invite. Eventually, I grew restless and dissatisfied with certain members of [TC], and I left to find another guild. World Preview Event - June 2005
Unbreakable Truth [UT] Formed by a friend of mine who no longer plays, I joined this guild and became the co-leader. It was here that I got my first real experience in GvG, with a great team that was torn apart by drama rather quickly. August 2005 - December 2005
Brethren in Arms [BoA] After my taste of GvG in [UT], I hungered for more. My search led me to [BoA], a newly formed guild that was primarily HA (it was called Tombs back then.) But BoA was not my ideal guild, as the normal stresses of PvP were too much and it disintegrated rather quickly. Janurary 2006 - March 2006
Wicked in Theory [WiT] After a month or so guild hopping, I met back up with some good friends from [TC] and [BoA], and we decided to try our hand at a guild. [WiT] was the result. Most definitely my favorite guild, I was the leader in position only. All of us (about 12 at the beginning) made decisions together. Things went smoothly for several months until the release of Factions. A few of us progressed through the game much faster than the rest, and this caused tension to build, until a rather important officer left, saying that we had turned into what we had wanted to avoid. The guild functioned for another year, going well into Nightfall with the same group of members (minus a few that had stopped playing the game because of real life issues.) During this time I had been keeping up with a few friends from back in TC, and discovered the happenings there, and they had formed a new guild, ST. WiT entered the ST alliance for a few months, but when it was obvious that [WiT] was dropping to just the core members, we merged with [ST] to give them new blood. March 2006 - February 2007
Siege Turtles [ST] The remnants of [TC] coming back together, [ST] is a quality guild filled with fantastic people. Since I have known many of the members since the first few months of the game, the transition from [WiT] to [ST] went smoothly, but the old WiT core was still strong. We all played together in a very close knit group, without many of the stresses that plague normal guilds - until we started pvp again. As usual, gvg emphasized the personality clashes between the 9-10 people that were interested (myself included). Nearly all of the gvg team broke away after several bad nights, forming another guild that did not last long. However, they succeeded in tearing out the core of ST, and the old WiT core was down to only a few members left. February 2007 - February 2008
Divine Order Of Heroes [DOoH] After the ST core died, the remaining WiT core left to find a more active group of players to join. That group is [DOoH]. They were in the ST alliance for a long time, but left when ST self-destructed. For the first few months, things were great, with 30-40 people online at any given time. However, due to the lack of new content in GW, decline came rapidly. As of Wintersday 2008, the lack of content and news have driven enough people to look for a new game that DOoH is dying. The old WiT core is no more, with the last members just not playing anymore. February 2008 - February 2009
Overnight I Became A Rock [Star] After guild-hopping for a while, I met a few good people in AB, and we formed our own guild, Star. Star is focused on gvg and trying to get into the mATs by mid summer, while doing AB for several members titles when things are slow. February 18, 2009 - June 16, 2009
Guildless Star had way too much drama for the time I was there, and when the core gvg team split up and bailed, I decided that it was time to leave. For now I go solo, playing with my friends list and sometimes with random people. Mostly doing Zaishen Challenge Quests now, waiting for something to come along. June 16, 2009 - January 1, 2010
Siege Turtles [ST] After setting aside GW for the first significant time in 4 years, I returned in November due to an email saying my password had been changed. After a two week process of support arguments, I got access to my account again, only to find that nearly everything had been taken. A couple of months later, I've gotten the time to play regularly again, and am still deciding if I want to try and restore my characters to pre-hack status. I've rejoined ST just to have a place to stay, and enjoy the (rare) company. January 1, 2010 -
Updated March 3, 2010

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