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Mesmer-tango-icon-48.png Valeria Saldanna Everything you do is dependent upon your will to do it - and my will to stop you.
User Kedjek Wall.jpeg

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  • Mesmer/Any
  • Level 20, Ascalonian
  • Female
  • Created: 31 (created on Aug 19, 2005)
  • Experience: 32.5 million
  • Hall of Monuments Reward Score:
    HoM Reward Score
  • Pet:
Relic. A large and dignified Rainbow Phoenix
  • Armor:
Chaos GlovesPurple Dye.pngBlue Dye.pngRed Dye.png
Tinted Spectacles & Slim Spectaclesdefault
ObsidianPurple Dye.pngPurple Dye.pngWhite Dye.pngBrown Dye.png
NornBlack Dye.png
AsuranRed Dye.pngPurple Dye.pngBlue Dye.png
Elite EnchanterYellow Dye.png
Elite Canthan Red Dye.pngRed Dye.pngPurple Dye.png
Primeval Purple Dye.pngBrown Dye.png
Elite Elegant Green Dye.pngGreen Dye.pngBlue Dye.png
Elite Rogue Green Dye.pngGreen Dye.pngBrown Dye.png
Deldrimor Orange Dye.pngYellow Dye.png
Elite Kurzick Orange Dye.pngBlue Dye.png
Elite Sunspear Red Dye.pngBlue Dye.pngPurple Dye.png
Elite Luxon Blue Dye.pngOrange Dye.png
Elite Noble Green Dye.pngSilver Dye.png
Vabbian Red Dye.pngPurple Dye.png
Miniature Whiptail Devourer.pngMiniature Hydra.pngMiniature Siege Turtle.pngMiniature Fungal Wallow.pngMiniature Jade Armor.pngMiniature Jungle Troll.pngMiniature Necrid Horseman.pngMiniature Kirin.pngMiniature Temple Guardian.pngMiniature Wind Rider.pngMiniature Heket Warrior.pngMiniature Thorn Wolf.pngMiniature Mandragor Imp.pngMiniature Juggernaut.pngMiniature Fire Imp.pngMiniature Harpy Ranger.pngMiniature Cloudtouched Simian.pngMiniature Aatxe.pngMiniature Roaring Ether.pngMiniature Cave Spider.pngMiniature Forest Minotaur.pngMiniature Irukandji.pngMiniature Raptor.png
Miniature Charr Shaman.pngMiniature Burning Titan.pngMiniature Elf.pngMiniature Koss.pngMiniature Palawa Joko.pngMiniature Freezie.png
35pxMiniature Water Djinn.pngMiniature Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh.pngMiniature Gray Giant.pngMiniature Asura.pngMiniature Destroyer of Flesh.pngMiniature Celestial Rat.pngMiniature Ceratadon.pngMiniature Pig.png
Miniature Gwen.pngMiniature Mad King Thorn.pngMiniature Varesh.pngBlack Moa Chick.pngMiniature Mallyx.png
  • Titles:
God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals (6)

Savior of the Kurzicks (12)
Ally of the Luxons (4)

Legendary Master of the North (6)
Slayer of All (10)
Secret Agent (10)
Legendary Delver (10)
Not Too Shabby (10)

Legendary Spearmarshal (10)
Holy Lightbringer (8)

Life of the Party (2)
Connoisseur of Confectionaries (2)
Incorrigible Ale-Hound (2)

Legendary Guardian (1)
Guardian of Elona (1)
Guardian of Cantha (1)
Guardian of Tyria (1)
Protector of Elona (1)
Protector of Cantha (1)
Protector of Tyria (1)

Legendary Vanquisher (1)
Tyrian Vanquisher (1)
Canthan Vanquisher (1)
Elona Vanquisher (1)

Legendary Cartographer (1)
Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer (100.0%)
Canthan Grandmaster Cartographer (100.0%)
Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer (100.0%)

Legendary Elite Skill Hunter (1)
Tyrian Elite Skill Hunter (1)
Canthan Elite Skill Hunter (1)
Elonian Elite Skill Hunter (1)

Font of Wisdom (5)
Elite Treasure Hunter (5)
Ally of the Zaishen (4)
Tragic (4)
Favored (3)

Mighty Hero (3)
Gamer Title Track (0)
Gladiator Title Track (0)
  • Other Accomplishments:
  • Completed every quest in each campaign
  • Goals:
God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals (May 24, 2009)
Savior of the Kurzicks (May 24, 2009)
Life of the Party (Dec 29, 2008)
Get all of the Birthday Miniatures
All 4th year minis
Common: Miniature Abyssal.pngMiniature Mursaat.png
Uncommon: Miniature Nornbear.pngMiniature Ooze.png
Rare: Miniature Prince Rurik.pngMiniature Lich.pngWhite Rabbit.png
Unique: Miniature Bone Dragon.png
Get the rest of the Elite armors.
Elite Noble (May 25, 2009)
Elite Luxon (Apr 28, 2009)
Elite Sunspear (Jan 24, 2009)
Vabbian (Jun 14, 2009)
Monument (Feb 15, 2009)
Fill Hall of Monuments with Tormented Weapons (not very active at this one)
Tormented Staff
Tormented Longbow
Tormented Spear
Tormented Shield
Tormented Focus (Mar 9, 2009)
Tormented Scepter (Mar 9, 2009)
Tormented Sword
Tormented Axe
Tormented Maul
Tormented Scythe
Tormented Daggers
  • Heroes:


  • Heroes to get:

Born as Valeria Saldanna to Tierna & Domeus Saldanna in Ashford Abbey, she grew up with an innate ability to manipulate minds. When the Charr came and brought the Searing with them, she erected an illusionary wall in front of a shelter for a few pitiful survivors. Realizing that Ascalon contained nothing of worth anymore, she traveled about the world, learning from the best of those who call themselves worshippers of Lyssa. Now she makes her living exploring the dark places of Tyria and expanding her collection of armor and weapons.

— Saldanna Lore

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