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Dervish-icon.png The Ruby Countess
Avatar of Balthazar.jpg Avatar of Balthazar is The Ruby Countess's favorite skill.
User Kedjek Ruby front.jpeg I'm tired of all this hero work.
Named after her fascination with the color red, Ruby is an island land owner in southern Istan. She became a Sunspear at her mothers urging, and became proficient once she learned that a Sunspear could get into the palaces at Vabbi with stunning red jewels. Ione Saladanna found her there and convinced her to become the Keeper of Weapons at her residence in Kamadan.
  • Dervish/Warrior
  • Level 20, Istani
  • Female
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Age: 19 (created on Nov 3, 2008)
  • Experience: 360 thousand
  • Armor:
Ancient Red Dye.png
  • Pet:
  • Heroes:
  • Heroes to get:
  • Titles:
Champion of the Kurzicks
  • Other Accomplishments:
  • Goals: