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Mira Lantis, my main! Call me Mira!
  • I am a Nutcase.
  • Disbelief? Really, I am
  • A brave Siege Turtle.

Some Notes About My Wiki Contributions[edit]

I love the minor edit button. It's glued down. I patrol recent changes religiously. When I get bored, I just filter through the wiki using the random page button. I do fairy edits - grammar, punctuation, adding and taking out links, and keeping things universal. Often I'll just list my edit as fairy - that screams minor edit.

  • Right now I am working on Monk items, notably, the uniques. - I've added skins and stats and whatnot, working on dupes and replication. If anyone has Ky's Chalice, we need the picture!

Mira Lantis' Characters
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Ritualist Moira Laidey - Elementalist Emeraude Firth - Mesmer Alicia Evanston
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OMG I'm a gamer chick!
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Proud Leader of the Orphans of Kukai.

Ooooooh I've got friends in low places...[edit]

*** Ching Lan Wu *** Halo God *** Kasen Sorel *** Silavor ***

The Silver Circle Alliance Alliance
Leader The Silver Circle Alliance
Members Order Of Ghaldron Terrace • Orphans Of Kukai • Vagrants Redux • Sentinels Of The New WorldKeepers Of TwilightShattered Eloquence

Notes & Thanks[edit]

I'm either a wikignome or a wikifairy, depending on the day.

Yes, you may edit my userpage. Vandalism, NPA bits, or otherwise rudeness/meanness not appreciated; otherwise, have fun.

Info-Logo.png Note: I release all of my contributions to into the public domain.