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Guild-Logo.png The Silver Circle Alliance [TSCA]

Guild The Silver Circle Alliance Banner.jpg

The Silver Circle Alliance [TSCA]
Territory America
Faction Kurzick
Type Roleplaying
No. of members 8
Guild Hall Wizard's Isle
Webpage TSCA Home

The Silver Circle Alliance believes that it is defined by what makes it different. As such, the Alliance is made up of guilds who enjoy, and actively participate in, roleplay within the world that Guild Wars provides. Within the framework of the alliance, allied guilds and members are able to enjoy the company of other roleplay enthusiasts while still able to keep to the storylines, lore, and cultures of their independent guilds.

The alliance currently is made up of seven member guilds:

Guild-Logo.png Gameplay

Some of our recent events were:

All members of The Silver Circle Alliance are welcome, and encouraged, to create, promote, and host events.

Guild-Logo.png Channel Conventions

From our Charter:

The Silver Circle Alliance is an RP alliance. Interactions between members should be in-character (IC) whenever possible. However, there may be Out of Character (OOC) comments, and not all members are role-players as well. Please know the difference between in-character and out-of-character comments. Both RP'ers and non-RP'ers should respect one another.

Alliance Chat is considered in-character. When an OOC comment must be made, please denote it as such.

Guild-Logo.png Recruitment

Within our halls and forums, you will find information about our guilds and our lives, as well as the actions that define who we are. For those who seek entrance into our halls, please fill out an application form on our forums. Though the alliance and her member guilds are role-playing guilds, any one is welcome as long as they follow our charter - that of respect for all people.

If you are curious about the way that our alliance works, please read our full charter: TSCA Charter

You are also welcome to visit our application center, which can be found here: Recruitment Application

Guild-Logo.png Contact information

Website: TSCA Home Page

Forums: TSCA Forums

Alliance Leaders:

  • Kasen Sorel [OOK]
  • Rylen Nadja [GoT]
  • Aeq Avani [VAX]
  • Earth Mage Silavor [Twil]
  • Vladimir Brody [SNW]
  • Garan Faelblood [RoN]

The Silver Circle Alliance Alliance
Leader The Silver Circle Alliance
Members Order Of Ghaldron Terrace • Orphans Of Kukai • Vagrants Redux • Sentinels Of The New WorldKeepers Of TwilightShattered Eloquence