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Guild Orphans Of Kukai Symb Small.jpg The Orphans of Kukai [OOK]

Orphans Of Kukai [OOK]
Guild Orphans of Kukai Symbol.jpg
Territory America
Faction Kurzick
Type Roleplaying
No. of members 55
Guild Hall Warrior's Isle
Webpage The Good Alderman Tavern

Founded by Eva Di Oceanne in 2005, the Orphans of Kukai [OOK] is one of the very few roleplaying guilds that have been recognized as a Guild of the Week (May of 2006). The Orphans of Kukai has a long standing tradition of being in-character as much as possible, and this earns the guild a type "E" guild classification as defined by the GWRPA. The Orphans of Kukai was one of the three original founders of the Silver Circle Alliance, and the Orphans of Kukai has remained true to the original founding vision and purpose.

True to its own purpose, the guild doesn't exist for the sake of PvE or PvP, but focuses almost entirely on RP. To this end, many guild members run small-scale plotlines which are easy to get involved with, and often feature some interesting twists. Originally, membership in the Orphans of Kukai was considered to be both in-character and out-of-character, which lead the guild to be predominantly good-aligned, given that the guild's charter sets forth fellowship and kindness as main driving elements. This has greatly shifted since the original writing of the charter, however, as the guild now has a significant number of evil-aligned characters who are not in-character members of the guild. Since these characters aren't bound by the charter in-character, they are essentially free to be antagonists for plotlines, creating much needed conflict and excitement for everyone.

The Orphans of Kukai was formed on the 23rd of July, 2005. Although small in number at first, the guild exhibited a high level of cohesion, and these original eight to ten members laid the precedence of remaining in-character as much as possible. December of 2005 signaled the true beginning of the Orphans of Kukai as the guild doubled in population due to both individual recruitment and a merger of another roleplaying guild into its bulk. Over the next year, recruitment maintained an accelerated pace up until the guild's nomination to Guild of the Week, during which time it experienced a large boom. This period saw the emergence of several events such as Under the Chyminy Tree (the bi-weekly guild meeting) and Moonlighter's Monday (the weekly Monday Orphan get-together). More importantly, however, this period witnessed the growth of the guild's roleplaying experience and its transition from a guild learning to do roleplay to a guild that did roleplaying.

The guild is now active in Guild Wars 2, and is open for recruitement.

Guild Orphans Of Kukai Symb Small.jpg Major Plotlines

The true basis of any roleplaying guild lies within its plotlines- that is, the stories that are told through the characters, the conflicts they face, and the solutions they employ. Plotlines are the main facilitator of character development and progression, allowing characters to establish reputations and unique personalities amongst their fellow guildmates. Several of the mainstream plotlines (past and present) are described below:

Guild Orphans Of Kukai Symb Small.jpg Recruitment

The only requirements to joining the Orphans of Kukai is to either be a roleplayer, or someone looking to become a roleplayer in the near future, and to agree with the charter out-of-character. The Orphans of Kukai is a community in its own right, and everyone participates, contributes and respects each other out of their own free will. For those looking to learn to roleplay, the Orphans of Kukai has published a number of articles on the art of roleplaying.

Once admitted, members are required to remain active in the guild up to a period of one month, after which the member in question will be removed from the guild roster due to inactivity. However, for those who return and become active again, rejoining the guild is a simple matter with the guild's policy of "Once An Orphan, Always An Orphan," which states that readmission is automatic for former Orphans of Kukai, so long as the player left the guild in good standing.

Recruitment is managed by any officer, so those looking to join or have questions answered should either contact them in-game or from the Good Alderman Tavern.

Guild Orphans Of Kukai Symb Small.jpg History

Nation of Kukai

Kukai was an island nation of great glory, rich culture, and advanced knowledge. A lone jewel proudly rising from great seas. Its people were refined, a product of their great and ancient heritage. Rulers were chosen using specific criteria and were never from the current ruler's family. The next to be appointed, Princess Eva Di Oceanne, chosen among many other children, was about to claim her throne when the country was stricken by a horrible plague. It was not so much a plague of the body, but of the mind. Those who were so concerned with prestige and cultural status that they forgot how to love, became vulnerable to the plague.

Princess Eva, who was born with a pure heart and wisdom beyond her age, accurately perceived the danger her nation posed to itself and understood the responsibilities now placed upon her shoulders. She actively tried to reverse the trend of narcissism and self indulgence. But centuries of habit were hard to break, even for Kukai's great leader. Eventually, Kukai's folk succumbed to the plague, and the nation descended into internal strife. Eva had no choice but to escape her island, since traitorous nobles were attempting to take advantage of Kukai's misfortune and were igniting the whole land into a bonfire of civil war. The country imploded.

Eva's Flight

The year was 1070 AE (after exodus) of the Ascalonian calendar. It was the season of the Phoenix, normally a time of renewal, but not for the plague-stricken Kukai. Helped by the few faithful servants unaffected by the plague, Eva secretly made her way to Ascalon; safe from the evil machinations of Kukai's remaining lost souls and corrupted political elites. But she was alone and lovesick. Alone in a land besieged by the Charr. Left with nothing but her bow, arrows, and survival gear, she sought meaning and purpose. At first she tried to help the local populous with various problems, gaining the trust of Ascalon's ruling establishment. However, their attention was quickly diverted when the skies of Ascalon rained fire and destruction. The Searing had begun.

A Guild of Orphans

During the season of the Colossus, 1072 AE, Eva was aiding Prince Rurik in his quest to save what remained of Ascalon. During a reconnaissance mission, Eva chanced upon some of her former subjects, Ophelia Sara, Alicia Kal, and Anya Shan. They had escaped Kukai around the same time as Eva and were surprised at the survival of Kukai's Princess. Sara and Alicia tried to persuade her to return to Kukai so it could be reclaimed. But Eva wisely decided that the time was not right, and the danger too great to those unaffected by the plague. Besides, she thought it was also a good thing to hide her identity as the country's queen. Eva had a purpose now, to help all those affected by the plague, the Searing, or any other tragedy. She would band together all those lost in the world of Tyria, and lost in their own grief. That season, she established The Orphans of Kukai.

Wiloughby Cottage

Wiloughby Cottage

Yak's Bend quickly became the base for Eva, Chyminy, and the rest of the Orphans. It was not only strategically important but also held a special place in their hearts as the center of the Orphan fellowship. Orphans spent many nights huddled around the Bend's campfires discussing the affairs of the day and making plans for the guild.

One day, Chyminy came upon a Yak herder who had the look of desperation. His herd was suffering and he needed to raise some cash for his family. While not a rich man, this herder owned several properties and asked Chyminy if she would be interested in purchasing one. Chyminy reluctantly agreed to take a look and followed the herder into the snowy and wooded foothills. They came across a cottage, nestled in a secret place, seemingly safe from Tyria's violence. The cottage was small but charming. Its thatched roof was covered in snow and a warm glow escaped from its leaded windows. Chyminy's eyes gazed in wonderment. "How much?" she calmly asked, trying not to betray her hidden enthusiasm.

Chyminy paid the herder 1,000 gold from her meager savings. It was 200 gold more than the herder asked for, but Chyminy felt his family needed it. The herder counted the gold in his hand with great excitement. With a smile, he looked at Chyminy and handed her the key. "Enjoy Wiloughby, young Miss. You will never find a cottage of more rugged construction and friendly warmth." The herder put his money back into his bag and hurried home to give his family the good news.

"Wiloughby, what a charming name." She took the key and entered the cottage slowly, savoring the magic of the moment. The cabin radiated warmth, and a tender glow reached out from the fireplace. "It's perfect," Chyminy thought to herself. "Eva is going to be so pleased." She smiled to herself.

The next day, Chyminy met Eva and exclaimed "My friend, I have a surprise for you!" She took Eva by the hand and drew her toward the clearing that held Wiloughby. Before the cottage became visible, Chyminy turned to Eva "I know we don't have the size and money for a guild hall Eva, but let this be a start." Chyminy covered Eva's eyes and lead her into the clearing. As she removed her hands, Eva's gaze turned wide. "Chyminy! This is wonderful!" The two entered the cottage and enjoyed a warm evening filled with laughter, a good meal, and enchanting tales in the flickering light of the hearth's flame.

Orphans spent many joyful nights in Wiloughby following that fateful day. And to this day, it still serves as a safe refuge for the Orphans. While a guild hall was later purchased, Wiloughby remained the heart and soul of the guild, offering a resting place and a meeting place for merriment and mirth.

Eva’s disappearance and Anna’s Return – Eva di Oceanne

The guild grew up in size very quickly. More and morelost souls were found and brought in to be helped and find friendship.A Hall was also purchased, the Orphan’s Hall, in remembrance ofAscalon’s old days.

However a terrible event was about to occuras Eva’s former lover from Kukai decided to put an end to theirlong-distance relationship. Eva was heartbroken and disappearedmysteriously. Nobody knew what to do and that’s why Ophelia took chargeof that quest and tried as hard as she could to handle the guild’scohesion. She asked for help, and her call was answered. Searches weremade all around Tyria to find Eva and her lost soul. During that time,Eva’s sister Anna appeared one day in the guild hall after many manymonths of searching. At firsts she was a bit reluctant to reallybelieve that her sister was the leader of a newly formed guild but sheeventually agreed to help and find her.

Anna, Chyminy,Ophelia, as well as other members and guild friends searched for manyweeks to finally find Eva, laying completely nude, frozen on the soilof the Ice Tooth caves. They quickly brought what was left of her tothe Orphan’s Hall. That’s when, with a few candles and the energy ofall the guild members that were present, Anna decided to give away hersoul and life, to sacrifice herself in order to bring her sister back.

Openingher aching eyes again, plagued by love, feeling completely powerlessand afraid to show weakness to her followers, Eva looked around. Seeingall her friends put joy back in her heart. From that time, the Orphansgrew up with only one thought. Anna sacrificed herself to free Eva fromGrenth’s claws only because she knew who Eva was and because she wasworth being saved. “It is what you are that makes the difference.”

Chyminy Riquet retold this story in her poem The Search.

The Durgalbane Alliance – Chyminy Riquet

The guild was still relatively small. While theOrphans were like family, all the members were busy with their affairsand chance meetings at Wiloughby and the guild hall were rare. Chyminyfelt the guild needed to grow so the ties keeping people together wouldbecome stronger. She set out to place postings in various towns andoutposts in hopes of finding others who are looking for a home.

A powerful elementist, Saeth Cae'thue had beendiscouraged by the diminishing numbers and attendance in his own guild,The Durgalbane Militia. While the Durgalbane had once had anhonourable and glorious past, it had become just a shadow of itself inrecent months. Saeth had decided it was time to move on and begansearching for another home for his remaining band. After many weeks ofsearching, Saeth chanced upon a piece of paper fastened to a signpost,fluttering in the wind. It had been Chyminy’s message to the world,calling for a joining together of Tyria’s lost. Intrigued butsceptical, Saeth had contacted Chyminy and began making inquiries. Itwas not long after Chyminy met many in Saeth’s band. But the first tojoin the Orphans from the Durgalbane had been Meade Dial, their elegantand cultured mesmer. Immediately after receiving the invitation sheenthusiastically thrust open the guild hall doors and entered the hall,as if it had been her home for years. The rest of the Durgalbanefollowed soon after, crashing upon the Orphan’s guild hall shores likea tidal wave. While some conflicts and problems followed the merger,and many good members decided it was time to move on, the Orphans grewstronger and richer in culture once the dust had settled. Other loyalmembers joining the guild that day were the bold Saldo Maldovian, thekind hearted Drake Demonborn, the shy but brave Artemis Morlia, and thecurious Seela Jast

A New Home – Chyminy Riquet

Nobody knew where she came from. She was discovered inthe guild hall one day playfully hanging from the tree branch. Everyone was wondering if she was even invited in. But her friendlynature and charm soon won over the Orphans. Eventually, Dove Song wasto become the most pivotal member since the initial forming of theguild. After her long journey in search for a home she confidentlydeclared that the Orphans of Kukai would be that home. However, shenoticed the guild needed many changes. She was perplexed at how manyOrphans were stuffed into Wiloughby. The guild had grown so large thatpeople were sleeping like cordwood in that cottage. While charmed bythe rustic atmosphere, Dove Song was used to a more luxurious lifestyleand contacted her good friend Steven Alerman to ask if he would beinterested in hosting the Orphans at his Tavern. Steven recognized theincome potential of such an arrangement and promptly agreed. GoodAlderman’s Tavern soon became the Orphans’ new “home away from home”.

The Spirit Seeker Tournament - Meade Dail (Spirit Seeker Champion)

Dove Song was a fairly new member when she came up with the idea forthe Orphans to have a tournament with the notorious Forever Knights.Everyone loved the idea and decided it would be a great time to get toknow the Knights. This get together would be called, The Spirit SeekerFeast Friendship Tournament.

Pairs were picked out so that one Orphan and one Knight could worktogether in the tournament while a feast was prepared for afterwards.Much ale was gathered as well.

Chyminy set up the tournament rules and set up while Dove contactedthe Knights and told them of her plan. The Knights agreed and the bigday came.

The teams were as such:

Team Forever Knights 1 was Saeth Cae'thue and Anatole Luponumen. Team Forever Knight 2 was Lorca ZoSo and Gabriella Hellfire. Team Forever Knights 3 was Reiko Art Hataiya and Helen the Bloody.

Team Orphans of Kukai 1 was Reona Vandal and Maximus Delion.

Team Orphans of Kukai 2 was Meade Dail and Fuuinashi Kanzaki. Team Orphans of Kukai 3 was Aeq Avani and Sylas Redgrave.

The Team of Orphans of Kukai went against the Team of ForeverKnights and won. Then the team of OOK1 and OOK2 then went against theteam of FK1 and OOK3. OOK1 and OOK2 won and ended up facing each other.Reona had done well to heal Maximus in the battle but it wasn’t enoughfor Meade’s anti-spell casting and Fuuinashi’s sharp sword.

Meade and Fuuinashi came out with first and Reona and Maximus cameout second. Eva presented both teams with their awards and the greatfeast started!

There was much ale and much food at the feast with people singingand reciting poetry into the night. The two guilds finally said theirgoodbyes and the amazing event was over.

The Lost Tales – Chyminy Riquet

Many Orphan stories exist that are left untold in thishistory. Regretfully, many good and honorable Orphans, past andpresent, are left unmentioned. It is for the sake of brevity, and notthe lack of fondness for these stories and people, that these omissionsexist. There is some effort here to mention some of the Orphans whohave richly contributed to the culture. To those who left us weremember Synthe Attika, Fire Blue Ice, Nika Deathmaiden, KytaraTrojovsky, and Reona Vandal. To those who still remain I must mentionenigmatic Theresa (A Tragic Muse), the confident but mistrustful AdrenaLynne, our master at arms Jin the Samurai, and our newest officer LorcaZoso for their contributions to the Orphan family. Still there aremany others who are, undeservedly, not mentioned.

Post Note

This history is incomplete. If someone would like toembellish this history with more detail by submitting another section,please offer it up in the study at Good Alderman’s Tavern. Naturally,you will be cited as the contributor to that section.

Guild Orphans Of Kukai Symb Small.jpg Channel Conventions

Due to the persistent in-character nature of the guild, all talk channels are usually regarded as being in-character.

Guild Orphans Of Kukai Symb Small.jpg Contact Information

Guild Leaders: Eva Di Oceanne (Founder), Do Sho The Monk (Leader), Mira Lantis (Officer), Chyminy Riquet (Officer), Mazer Mezar (Officer)

The Good Alderman Tavern (Guild Forums, News, Links): Link

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