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Shattered Eloquence [RoN]

Shattered Eloquence [RoN]
Guild Shattered Eloquence cape.jpg
Territory International
Language English
Faction Kurzick
Type Rp
No. of members 33
Guild Hall Hunter's Isle
VoIP Ventrilo
IRC channel none
Webpage [1]
Forums [2]

Ballad of Eloquence

Fallen land did I once love... Fallen path did I once walk... Wandering in the endless sea...

The Eloquence is for me...

Seeking safety from shadow... Seeking life that is peaceful... War and Death I did not wish...

The Eloquence is for me...

Find did I a brotherhood... Defend I do with hearty blade... Shield and Spear do I take up...

The Eloquence is for me

Shattered I am and Shattered I be... Fighting for Love and Family... Honor and Justice I do redeem...

The Eloquence is For me...

OOC Information

We are the creation of several guilds merging into one. We are the Shattered, those who have walked many paths and views of life. To come to together in a beautiful blissful movement or style of living we call the Eloquence. We are creators, writers, lyricists, artists, and actors. We encourage art in many forms and in many ways. We are all tolerant and are happy with our complete utter chaotic diversity in all ways of life.

IC History

From the ashes of years of strife and war arises the Republic of Natlin. A country ruled by the dual government of the powerful noble held Senate, and the honorable elected body of the Knights. Here the citizens of the Republic, the Shattered find solace from the wars and plagues of the outer world. And, yet danger and harm are unseen in these lands.

Where there is light, there is darkness. For the Shattered there is the Severed. A race of strange deadly mutations created by the cruel and insane MageLord Contralia Ravenmore. With this threat to the peace of the Republic, the Shattered Unite to fight the coming tide.

For even in the life of Eloquence there is the possibility of disruption.


To join the Shattered one must either Apply by filling out a full application inside the Enlistment table. When that happens you then wait for a Senator and or Knight to view your application and then to wait for them to approve your entry for an interview. During the interview you will be asked several questions by two or more officers. They will then decide to give you your cape or not.

Referrals are when a member Sponsors a friend or loved one to join our guild. This is similar to the fact that the Sponsor is giving their reputation to speak for someone who wishes to join. The Sponsor isthe one who fills out the form and then speaks with the Senators or Knights. The Refferred then waits for a scheduled interview.

Contact information

For more information refer to our website for Lore and more about our guild!

In-game contact: Garan Faelblood

The Silver Circle Alliance Alliance
Leader The Silver Circle Alliance
Members Order Of Ghaldron Terrace • Orphans Of Kukai • Vagrants Redux • Sentinels Of The New WorldKeepers Of TwilightShattered Eloquence