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Sentinels Of The New World [SNW]

Sentinels Of The New World SNW
Guild Sentinels Of The New World cape.jpg
Territory North America
Language English
Leader Vladimir Brody
Faction Kurzick
Type RP
No. of members 13, and growing!
Guild Hall Wizard's Isle
VoIP Ventrilo, unofficially.
Forums Here
Time zone GMT -6:00

The Sentinels Of The New World is a role-playing guild based in the Guild Wars universe. The guild itself resembles a military-like mercenary group. Although the guild, involved significantly in the affairs of Ascalon and the Maguuma, is well known for preforming good deeds throughout Tyria, and even Cantha and Elona, the true motives of their morally challanged leader are questionable at times (more lore and stuff regarding the guild and its members will be added here and to the forum).


This guild is recruiting, go ahead and add Vladimir Brody to your friends list!

Contact information

Add Vladimir Brody to your friends list.

The Silver Circle Alliance Alliance
Leader The Silver Circle Alliance
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