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The free World Preview Event, which begins Friday evening, Oct. 29 and ends Sunday evening, Oct. 31, will allow players to explore two new game regions, play in an expanded international tournament and engage in combat on new competitive battlefields. For the first time game players will be able to create new guilds and experience guild warfare in the vibrant online environments of Guild Wars.

Press Release - October 26, 2004

The World Preview Event was the second public beta event for Guild Wars Prophecies. It featured Kryta and Maguuma Jungle areas and missions (from D'Alessio Seaboard to Riverside Province), as well as Tomb of the Primeval Kings and Competition Arenas. The Skill Charm system was used during this event. During this event, the accessible missions were completely playable, but most explorable areas were in an incomplete state. Some areas in these regions, such as Stingray Strand and The Falls were not accessible.[1]