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About me +

Hi everyone!

My real name is Andres Martinez, and I'm from Colombia, in Latin America. I'm 26, and I've been playing Guild Wars for about 2 years and a half. I started Prophecies with a Warrior/Necromancer (Somehow I thought it was a good combo), and finished the game with him. He's my main now, although I have others that I really like. Now Rhaegar is W/D, has several titles, and spends his days beating Elite Areas.
The funny thing is that I didn't really like GW when it came out; my only experience with games like this one was a very brief gaming session in WoW, and I was thrilled. I mean, it had Elves, Dwarves, Mages... and that fantastic lore that characterizes WoW. Then, one of my friends bought GW and told me about it. I wasn't attracted to it because the only playable race were Humans, and instead of Priests, there were Monks, which sounded kinda Eastern, and I'm not so fond of Chinese/Japanese culture (Now, Celtic myths... that's another story). However, he convinced me to purchase it, using a very strong and valid point: No monthly fees!
So I started Prophecies and hated it. It "didn't" have what I was looking for, and that I "had found" in WoW: roleplaying. But, almost 8 months later, I said: "I'm gonna give it another chance", and then, here we are, 29+ months later, and I love the game.
Ok, so, if you want to see my characters, just take a look at the tabs and check them out. The only one that has been really developed is Rhae, but I recently started as Martina. I'll be adding the other ones when I have the time.

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