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My name is Master Pedo Bear, ?? years old. My relationship with Guild Wars can best be described as love/hate! I first started playing during the WPE for Prophecies. I started playing with a warrior, Monkey Seven. Years later, she doesn't exist! Or maybe that's what she wants you to think...

Oh...I'm afraid it's been signed...

Something something something darkside something something something complete...

Currently Working On (but don't really care about):

I don't even know anymore!!! What the hell is the point of all of this?!
  • My paragon, Hawt Tiara Action.
    <abandoned like a kitten in a basket on a cold, rainy day!>
  • Adopting all the homeless children in Elona...
    <For less than 1g a day, this child can have a warm, cuddly bear. So please, open a trade window right now. FEEL GUILTY IF YOU DON'T, YOU HEARTLESS B**T**DS!>

Master Pedo Bear

Warrior-icon-small.pngMaster Playdoh Bear Monk-icon-small.pngMistress P Bear Elementalist-icon-small.pngI Phoenix Force I Necromancer-icon-small.pngI One Above All I Warrior-icon-small.pngPlaydoh Bot

Assassin-icon-small.pngI Living Tribunal I Paragon-icon-small.pngHawt Tiara Action Mesmer-icon-small.pngLady Playdoh Bear Dervish-icon-small.pngAcolyte Of Bear

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Warriors of Days Past

Warrior-icon-small.pngMonkey Seven Warrior-icon-small.pngCrunk Monkey Warrior-icon-small.pngDaniel of Everwood


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Ranger-icon-small.pngAendlis Battousai Warrior-icon-small.pngSeven Vll Monk-icon-small.pngSmite Crawler Elementalist-icon-small.pngAEON Bot Warrior-icon-small.pngBohagon Harris


Elements of my user page (including this section) were "inspired" by Foxysheri.