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My name is Sheri and I love playing Guild Wars! I first started about a week or two after Prophecies was released. I started playing with an Elementalist, Foxy Sheri because I like dealing elemental damage. Years later, and she is still my favorite character to play!

I enjoy playing each profession, and have made a character for each. Some I play a bit more than others, but I hope to one day have all campaigns beaten on them all, and nice armor.

My favorite things to do while playing Guild Wars ranges from going after titles, helping friends/hanging out with friends, chatting with guildmates, completing quests/missions, and ABing.

Currently Working On:

  • Capping profession-specific Elite Skills on my characters.
  • Getting some more characters through Eye of the North.

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OMG I'm a gamer chick!
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Elements of my user space were inspired by Lensor & Thulsey & Kakarot's & Elenya.