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(4/25/08)Well, I called Dell today since I received my new drive on Thursday, and they didn't call on time Friday so I missed them. It turns out that they sent me the WRONG KIND OF DRIVE. Something about my computer's only compatible with PATA CD drives, and they sent me a SATA drive. So after much civilized talking (and some uncivilized, retarded arguing done by my father to avoid the $5.00 shipping cost of the new drive...), we've ordered a new (less-expensive, as luck would have it) CD drive that's the RIGHT one. It's due to arrive this Tuesday, April 29th. The technician will call between 5:00-6:00 PM. So I'll be on sometime this week. I know I could download it, but if I went through all that and I still haven't, what's the point in giving up now? Plus, I want to USE my new CD drive. :3

(4/30/08) I got my CD drive yesterday and it works fine, and I've got Factions installed...but all my ground is...BLACK. Is there any possibility it's NOT my video card? I hope not... TT_TT
(5/7/08) Well, my brother fixed my terrain (quality settings...I'm not retarded, I swear! >__>), so I can see the ground now. That's always good, right? I've advanced my characters a bit (really just Tzila...thanks for all the help, Ryan!), so yeah. I'm just trying to find out:
1. What quests come next in the storyline... x__x
2. Where I can friends or the button that makes all my guildies log on <__>

Character names[edit]

Magdalene Merritt (Me/Mo)
Lilith Merritt (Rt/N)
Tzila Arsinoe (A/Me)
Taika Arsinoe (E/N)

Characters' Synopses (yes, pluralized.)[edit]

Tzila Arsinoe: (Main) Quick and quick-witted, Tzila fits into the Assassin profession perfectly. Due to her lack of a feminine, proper poise, she's always plotting and scheming against friends and enemies alike, for laughs or deliberate sabotages. She's as tiny as can be and an Asian (native Canthan, I guess) to boot. She seems to despise her older sister, Taika, but deep down (and here comes the so-cheesy-I-get-constipation part...) she really cares for her like a sister should.

Taika Arsinoe: The more world-exposed of the sisters, Taika's is sensible and level-headed. Not much can stir her; she's very calm and carefree. She, however contradicting this may be, has always liked to try extreme things, however. She may do the oddest of things, but she's likable, regardless. Taika has always thought she'd fare better as a Mesmer, but in "native Canthan" culture, that's usually reserved for the refined old men.

Magdalene Merritt: Completely opposite from Tzila (aside from intelligence), Magdalene is tall, helpful, nearly silent, and observant. She's never cared to make her own opinion of the world; if she didn't like something, she'd manipulate and mold it until she was vaguely satisfied, as growing Mesmers would do. If she were real (and you all wish she was ;3), she'd be British. She, also like Tzila, has an oddball of a sister.

Lilith Merritt: (profile to come when I get un-lazy)

Characters to come after purchase of other (non-Factions) chapters[edit]

A W/P, D/Mo(male, I promise!),R/(unknown), then maybe a Monk? I 'unno. Definitely the first 3, though. :3

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