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About Me
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Welcome to my User-space!
Hey all, Ness here. I'm just a casual college gamer who likes to edit things every once in a while. I've been on Guild Wars on and off for the last five or so years, and I'm pretty much done with Guild Wars after having finished my Hall of Monuments. If you need me for something, feel free to pester me here or in-game, and I'll try to reply soon-ish after. If I'm not here or online, I'm likely either working, studying, or out observing.
Astrophysics, yeeeah!
--- Ness Hrin
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Ness Hrin

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Current Goals
Tasca's Map.png •  M-M-M-M-M-MONSTER KILL!
50 / 50 reward points
Tasca's Map.png •  Doubtfully get the God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals rank of Kind of a Big Deal.
26 / 30 titles maxed
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Random Else
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