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One of the blessed few Guild Wars players who actually gets to experience all formats of this wonderful game. Specializes in brainless mid-line and telling off his team-mates for bad positioning with his nigh-omnipotent field awareness and especially enjoys overextending for flaggers as Water Ele. Currently dicking around in the joke that has become of GvG.


  • Main: Sacred Arcanist Zen (serious names wins PvE) - E/
  • Not-so-main: Alpine Forester Zen - R/; WTB New Zealand/Oceania GW server!
  • PvP-Only:
    • Warmoooster Cow Moo- W/
    • Blak Moogic Moo Cow- Mo/; Still does not have all 10 req7/8 tactic shields.
    • Lotus Petal Zenessa- MBlast/HBreeze; female ele exclusively made to dual-wield fans and look awesome in a bikini suit.

Current plans[edit]

  • Max HoM Get GWAMM?
  • Part-time GvG

Dislike list[edit]

  • 1st. Dshot monks who lands it only 1/20 times and talk shit about it then die anyway from not being able to cast/kite while in Dshot's aftercast.
  • 2nd. Wimpy idiots in RA who wander about letting spirit spammers put up ALL their shit and THEN charge in.
  • 3rd. Casters who stay in 40/40 or shield-set all day. Learn 2 weapon swap plz.
  • 4th. Baddies. And sometimes himself for failing D:

Baddies in general.

Favourite skill(s)[edit]

  • Ele: Galeing infuse health on spikes is so orgasm-inducing.
  • Ranger: Concussion Shot is the only way to stop eles who spams endlessly even after they've been rupted.
  • Warrior: Leviathan's Sweep but not when it goes through block.
  • Monk: Vigorous Spirit Best. Self-heal. Ever.

The PvP essentials you (should) know about:

Saving Tournament Reward Points/Silver PvE Coins[edit]

  • PvP Weapons are transferable between PvP characters via Heroes, thus you need only buy those 5 Voltaic Spears for your PvP characters ONCE! Also allows you to make pretties for temporary PvP characters without having to re-spend tournament points (unless you delete your PvP Character before moving the items onto your heroes).