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Necromancer-icon.png Grenths Daughter
Animate Flesh Golem.jpg Animate Flesh Golem is Character Name's favorite Elite skill.
Reckless Haste.jpg Reckless Haste is Character Name's favorite skill.
User-Player72985 Grenths Daughter.jpg
Favorite Builds:
"Grenths Daughter"
Awaken the Blood.jpg
Insidious Parasite.jpg
Spiteful Spirit.jpg
Arcane Echo.jpg
Mark of Pain.jpg
Resurrection Signet.jpg
Work in Progress
  • Necromancer
  • Level 20, Tyrian
  • Gender: Female Female.png
  • Height: Unknown height
  • Created:
  • Experience: N/A
  • Age: Curretn roleplaying age
  • Weapons:
  • None
  • Pet:
  • Miniature:
  • None
  • Elite Skills
  • Unlocked heroes:
  • Titles:
  • Unknown
  • Guild Earned Titles
  • Blank
  • Blank
  • Blank
  • Makeover
  • Add text here
  • Other Accomplishments:
  • Completed Factions
  • Goals:
  • Protector Titles


Player_72985 18:54, 28 February 2008 (UTC)

Credits go to: User:Shadowphoenix