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Balthazar Is A Warrior[edit]

Base Challenge:

  • True Disciple of Balthazar:
    • Win 15 consecutive rounds with the following skill bar:
Avatar of Balthazar.jpg
Avatar of Balthazar
Agonizing Chop.jpg
Agonizing Chop
Disrupting Chop.jpg
Disrupting Chop
Bull's Strike.jpg
Bull's Strike
Resurrection Signet.jpg
Resurrection Signet
  • Balthazar Knows No Fear ★★★:
    • Complete challenge using Frenzy and no other stance.

  • Balthazar's Chosen ★:
    • Win 20 consecutive rounds.
  • God of War ★★:
    • Win 25 consecutive rounds.

  • Balthazar Blesses MY Blade ★★:
    • Interrupt Eviscerate, Body Blow, Crippling Slash, Gash, Devastating Hammer, Crushing Blow, Hammer Bash, Shock, or Bull's Strike.
  • Balthazar Frowns Upon You ★★:
    • Interrupt Empathy, Blinding Flash, Blinding Surge, Guardian, Faintheartedness, or Insidious Parasite.
  • Balthazar is a Hammer War:
    • Complete challenge using hammer skills.
  • Balthazar Told Me to Roll You ★:
    • Win a match in less than 60 seconds without the other team resigning.