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Guilt This user has spent 2928 hours in Guild Wars in 31 months (3.1 h/day).

Essential Tips[edit]

Pseudo-smart Search box[edit]

Annoyed by the new wiki version making search choices for you? I, myself, really prefer using my own browser-based search history. So, for FireFox, I recommend having the Adblock Plus add-on installed, and adding the following filter:


You may be able to disable this in your wiki settings, but there are no wiki settings to change for those who prefer not logging in.

The Adventures of Ralmon the Gen[edit]

In Guild Wars, Ralmon may be known as Eternio Dul Nomorte, or Eternia Della Morte. One might even find such names as Aroma Morte, or Amahz Honika. Nonetheless, this seems like a good place to show a selection from various adventures.

The Birds and The Bees[edit]

Look, up in the sky...

And here we thought this was such a peaceful and serene little getaway.

That's an awfully big bird hovering over us.

Do you think it might be hungry.

Hey! quit throwing those crackers!

Ahh! Killer Bees!

Methinks 'tis time to relocate these bones past yonder bridge... and fast!

What on Tyria...?[edit]

What abomination is this?

If you think you are well-traveled in Tyria, riddle me this! Where do I find this fine example of workmanship (or is that work-demon-ship)?

I guess I can give you a hint. Only those who are true Tyrians even have a remote chance of ever seeing this secluded piece of art.

Another hint? I'll add another image real soon now


Will it go right or left?

Now that I have power/internet again: it went to the east of me, and far enough to not cause significant issues in the immediate vicinity. Others closer to Houston were not so fortunate.

It is a blessing a cold front passed through during this time of widespread power outages. Highs in the lower 80s, lows in the 60s, light breeze. At least, people will not broil in their skins.

Now that the knockdown is over, and the daze has passed, I need to forage for food for me and the pets.