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Hi. I'm StatMan, Stat meaning Statistics. I got an undergraduate degree in statistics, so I like math, probabilities, data management, and programming.

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Ursan Blessing.jpg You fail to understand the basics of game balance. Please read this article.

Why I am not going back to World of Warcraft[edit]


  • Alliance races stink compared to Horde for PvP.
  • Stealth
  • Rogues in general (Sap, Gouge, Kidney shot....)
  • Jumping rogues
  • Lack of body blocking

The below were rectified in the last expansion

  • Pre-mades vs Random Group. (you can only join as a party, not as a raid, so just 5 people)
  • Cost of relearning talents. (you get gold faster now, and the cap on relearning is still 50g)
  • Spell Push back. (it is now limited to two hits.)

3.2 fixed

  • Twinks in PvP (Twinks will have to opt out of exp and regular bg, or level from bg experience)
  • Shaman windfury crits for 1K at level 39 (dealing about 3-4k damage total in about 1/2 second)(same as above)


  • Grinding to level 70.
  • Grinding to level 80 when WotLK comes out.
  • Gear requirements for tanking. (Might be fixed. Blizz says that a spec'ed tank should be able to do heroics in Black Smithed gear)(confirmed, but it was tough, costly, and not every instance. Also, I had a non-tank druid do some first boss of Gundrak just fine....)
  • Gear repairs as Tank.
  • Servers/Realms
  • Reputation Grinding

Black Smithing was fixed in WotLK. Black Smiths can now make gear that is better than the stuff you find, and on par with instance rare's, and they aren't expensive to make, or hard to get the materials. They also get extra sockets for their own gear.

3.2 fixed

  • Mount Costs. Mounts are cheaper, and more useful

...but I went back anyway. Adding more gripes now that I'm out again.


  • You are at the mercy of blizzard to balance your class. If you are nerfed too much, then you can either live with a gimped character, or make a new one, which would take a long time to get to level 80 with decent gear, so that you can continue doing what you were having fun doing.
  • Time required to get competitive gear. In order to get great gear, you have to have good gear, or run with someone that has awesome gear.
  • New gear. They seem to be trying to keep people playing, by increasing the gear you need.
  • Gear stat difference between gear that is attainable (Questing blues, crafted epics) and what is available, that everyone but you has.
  • Shards or servers.
  • Limit of what you can do. If you are on a PvP server, then you can:
    • Raid and do instances for gear, because the game requires you to get good gear.
    • Get Reputation for gear/enhancements, because the game requires this if you want to be competitive.
    • Farm materials for gear, or to sell so you can buy other gear, enchantments, potions.
    • Quest for gold, to buy stuff that you can't make.
    • BG PvP, which requires you to have a good team with good gear, which is supposed to be random.
    • Arena PvP, which requires you to have a good team with good gear, which in order to get into a good team, requires you to have good gear and already have a good rating.
    • Gank others, and save others from being corpse camped. This does not help you, unless you are trying to deny farming rights I went to EVE...

Why I went to EVE[edit]

EVE is a Science Fiction Space MMORPG. Unfortunately, EVE doesn't really have as clear cut objective.

In WoW, you can try and become the top rated arena team, clear all the instances and get all the great gear (which changes often enough), or kill people less geared than you or the classes that yours was meant to slaughter and warlocks.

In GW, your objective is usually to get skills, finish missions, win matches in HA, get your guild ranked high in GvG, or kill newbs in Fort Aspenwood, Jade Quarry, or Alliance Battles.

EVE can have several objectives. Mainly, make money. To accomplish this you can:

  • Buy and sell stuff from markets, and transport good from high supply to high demand. Markets are not linked, and you can only see prices in the region you are in.
  • Mine asteroids, ice belts, or gas clouds for resources to make stuff.
  • Manufacture weapons, ammunition, and ships from resources from asteroids. These items are actually useful, unlike the stuff you can make in WoW.
  • Make drugs (potion buffs, but they are illegal) from gas cloud resources.
  • Research 'new' blueprints for manufacturing. 'New' means a tech level 2. You know in advance what is being made.
  • Maintain a Player Owner Station (which is something that you can make or have made, and deploy), which can help you research, and is required to mine the resources from a moon. This usually requires help from your clan/guild/corp to maintain.
  • Mine a moon and make the parts needed to make tech 2 items (requires a Player Owned Station)
  • Kill people in the PvP zone(0.0 or null sec), and take their weapons from their dead ships.
      • Similarly, you can kill people in the nearly PvP zone(low sec), but it is more difficult, and doing so will make you an outlaw/pirate.
  • Destroy Player Owned Stations, and steal the deactivated modules.
  • Do Quests/Missions for Loyalty Points(like faction), money and loot.
  • Explore by scanning any system for containers to hack, archaeology sites, or wrecks to salvage.
  • Be CEO of a corporation. You can set the rate at which you get money from member's mission rewards and bounties (mine is high at 15%, but they pay for ships).

EVE keeps the gear and ships required for PvP below the max by making death in PvP costly. If you have the best ship with the best weapon, best armor and such, and you are killed, you lose that ship, and about half of the gear on it. More important, you are now in a pod you have nothing to do but run back to a station/town to get a new ship(you can own thousands of ships at a time). Your killers are right there at your ship wreck and are now taking what they want from it, resulting in your losing all gear, and your ship. Thankfully you can get insurance on the hull of your ship, which might cover about 40-80% of the cost of getting a new hull, but not the gear on it. This means that PvP'ers aren't necessarily flying around in top ships, because they might get outnumbered or out skilled and lose it. Ships aren't terribly expensive. Usually it costs the same for the gear as it does for the ship.