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Hall of Infamy[edit]

There are 5 monuments to Infamy (at the suggestion of Raine Valen); these are testaments to the best and the worst (or the funniest) of efforts to make this wiki a better place. Please submit your nominations on the talk page. (And, in the spirit, please present other ideas for what each monument might represent.)

  1. Unfellowship: dedicated to disharmony.
  2. Over-devotion: recognizing those who leave their real life to serve GWW.
  3. Inglorious valor: conversations soooooo long that the tl;dr is too long to read.
  4. Dishonor: remembering collaborations gone horribly worng [sic]
  5. Resilience: acknowledging arguments without resolution or won by those with the biggest bladder.

The monuments[edit]


This monument is devoted to the most disharmonious conversations surrounding a policy issue, RFA, or b'crat selection process. In theory, we're here because of a shared love of the game. But sometimes that shared interest has an odd way of expressing itself.

  1. User talk:Pling/Pruning


This monument is dedicated to individual users whose contributions (thought great for the wiki) might mean they aren't managing to address important real life issues (e.g. eating or sleeping). Can refer to overall effort across the wiki, a particular project, or for efforts to perfect an individual article (and its immediate relations).

  1. Silver Edge (man? superman? or bot?)

Inglorious valor[edit]

This monument is dedicated to the longest talk pages that somehow still managed to see the community fail to reach consensus for a long time.

  1. Talk:River Skale Tad (even though ... consensus was reached, no one dared edit)
  2. Shadow Form and Talk:Shadow Form (no reason given)
  3. Ray of Judgment and Talk:Ray of Judgment (no reason given)
  4. Block reviews (probably a great idea...with an unfortunate implementation strategy, which lead to a confused outcome)


This monument is dedicated to individual (or group) attempts to collaborate, but that fall flat because of their unintended nearness to GWW:NPA. To be listed here, there must have been a sincere effort to work together and there cannot have been an actual personal attack. (The simplest version of which might be, well, that's a dumb idea.)

  1. Drunkard and Talk:Drunkard (much of that page is pretty "interesting")


This monument is devoted to those who are so passionate in their views that they cannot imagine anyone disagreeing. It can be awarded to an individual who is not swayed by a presentation of the facts or a group effort of article edits that passes ever so close (but never violates) GWW:1RR.

  1. Talk:List of quest items (and IP tbd) (a 3 month effort, deleted; unwilling to distinguish between constructive criticism and nay-saying)
  2. Kristo Trilios (7 reversions by a single user insisting on a minor point of trivia...unanimously disputed by 5+ contributors who rarely agree w/each other)

Other suggestions[edit]

  • Shamefully Bated: Corsair Prisoner (we as as a community should be abashed for how the topic was taken: hook-line-and-sinker)