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OMG I'm a gamer chick!
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Basicly, my main char is sorta the founder of a pact called The Bloodscale. It's the opposing faction of the Ertan, which only member of it is Titani. There are feelings of distrust between the two Factions, Bloodscale's being the bigger and stronger one, and Ertan being the clever one. The founder of this pact, Lyra (It's a quote, dig it out somewhere. Try at your guesses at my talk page) was the second Titan to be created, a so called Better version of Titani. This made her mad, seeing that she wasn't a true Titan, and because of that, she had feeling of lust towards Titani, while he rejected her, having no feelings at all. All the other members of the pact have Of Bloodscale in the end of their names, to show that they are members.

  • MonkLyra The Bloodscale
  • RitualistAren Of Bloodscale
  • ElementalistLisa Of Bloodscale
  • AssassinLin Of Bloodscale