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An account mark is an administrative mark placed on a player's account by a game master in order to tag the account for "infractions" (breaking the Rules of Conduct). A mark is meant as a warning and it results in a temporary blocking of the account. The length of the block period increases with every added account mark, and eventually will result in a ban.

Types of infractions[edit]

There are two kinds of infractions (misbehavior):

  1. Naming infractions:
    • Offensive or otherwise unacceptable character names
    • Offensive or otherwise unacceptable guild names.
  2. In-game infractions:
    • Inappropriate in-game behavior – such as obscene talk or behavior, abuse of another player, or harassment
    • Repeating in-game chat ("flooding")
    • In-game linking to inappropriate websites
    • Taking advantage of another player ("scamming") in order to take their items or account
    • Abusing game exploits
    • Advertising cheats, hacks, and exploits
    • Using, developing, releasing or promoting a "bot" program

For naming infractions a player may submit an "appeal" to the Game Masters if they feel that a block is unjustified. For in-game infractions no appeal will be accepted.

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