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Disambig icon.png This article is about in-game bots. For editing bots on the wiki, see Guild Wars Wiki:Projects/Editing bots.

Within the context of playing Guild Wars, bot could refer to two things:

  • As a term for a third-party program that is designed to play the game in lieu of the player.
  • AI-controlled NPCs, such as heroes and henchmen.

Bot is also used to humorously refer to some simple, repetitive builds. For example, an elementalist whose main task is to blind melee characters is known as a "blindbot".

Within the context of a wiki, bot can also be refer to an automated editing program which perform repetitive tasks such as applying a formatting change or changing a large number of links after a target article is moved. See Guild Wars Wiki:Projects/Editing bots for details.

Third-party bots[edit]

The idea of a third-party bot is simple: a player can activate a program which will farm or leech in-game rewards for the person while they sleep, work, or otherwise go about their life outside of Guild Wars. In this manner, a player can accumulate large amounts of gold or faction with little to no effort.

These third-party bots are strictly prohibited by the Guild Wars EULA (see section 7, Official Service) and are generally viewed as cheating or distasteful by the community, mainly because it puts players who spend no time or effort at an unfair advantage. Additionally, botting in PvP can cause unfair team handicaps in Random Arenas, Guild versus Guild, Alliance Battles and Fort Aspenwood. Typically bots fit into one of two categories PvP. Some bots use a generic scripting language (such as Java or AHK) in order to repeat tasks — such as entering The Jade Quarry or Random Arenas — in order to leech Faction or Gladiator Points. The other main type of bots found in PvP are referred to as interrupt bots. These bots use a third party program to scan outgoing packet logs and automatically trigger an interrupt skill in order to guarantee interrupts on a designated target.

To report such a bot, use the in-game /report system if you are in the same instance as the bot or contact support. They can also be informed about large number of bots in certain outposts.