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Disambig icon.png This article is about an official definition of the GM abbreviation. For the unofficial terminology used by pre-Searing players, see gate monkey.
The tag GMs have above their heads
Gaile's old purple chat
The new teal chat

A game master is an in-game administrator who works for ArenaNet or NCsoft and who can interact with players in-game, make announcements, ban or suspend accounts, and mark accounts.

Chat differences[edit]

  • Messages from GMs appear in a teal color in the chat unless the GM chooses to toggle off the feature.

List of game masters[edit]

According to Linsey Murdock, (Source)

  • There is a team of NCsoft game masters; they have limited contact with ArenaNet developers.
  • The /.gm command only works for specially-enabled employee-owned accounts; there are relatively few people with this ability.
  • Accounts only retain those powers for a limited amount of time.

Employees with characters named after themselves[edit]

Other confirmed GMs[edit]

GM commands[edit]

The in-game abilities of Game masters are limited to the following:

  • /.die = Die anywhere. (Although this doesn't count for death penalty, it does trigger Soul Reaping.)
  • /.examine = Displays account statistics for targeted player, i.e. experience, fame, skill points, and champion points.
  • /.fireworks = In outposts, spawn fireworks that last 30 minutes.
  • /.gm = toggles their Game master label on or off.
  • /.mute = prevents the selected player from using chat channels.
  • /.resurrect = resurrect.
  • /.teleport = teleport the avatar to the last clicked location on the compass. This is primarily used to cross a gate before an event timer finishes its countdown.

In particular, Game masters cannot spawn items or gold, give themselves titles, new /emotes, or otherwise do anything that could impact the in-game economy.

Developer commands[edit]

Commands which developers and GMs can use on the live servers include:

Verified commands

These commands are known to exist, and can be used by developers and/or GMs on the live server.

  • /.gm = Enables access to GM commands.
  • /% [text] = Displays [text] in teal/purple "Dev chat." Developers commonly use this to indicate they are in a district and to make it easier to find their messages.
  • /.dev = Enables access to developer commands.
  • /.fireworks = Used to summon fireworks in towns, outposts and guild halls.
  • /.s [number] = Travels to a map by its id (known to work are '486' and 'so', which correspondent to Nightfall outposts, e.g. The Astralarium).
  • /.unspawn = Makes all foes on the map disappear
  • /.die = Kills the user's character.
  • /.joinguild [guild] [tag] = Join a specific guild.
  • /.guildhall = Changes current guild's hall.
  • /. = Changes current guild's hall.
  • /.mute = Disables a player's chat.
  • /.unmute = See above.
  • /.who = Displays player information (Name, /played, UserGuid, CharGuid, Maptravel and gold the past 24 hours, Fame, Faction, Exp, Gold, Health, Energy, Skillbar, Attributes, Buffs, total XP, hack counter).
  • /.write = Writes a game record of all currently open districts to the server.
  • /.guildtrim [value] = Change trim of current guild (value 0 is nothing, 1 is bronze, 2 silver, 3 gold, 9 is obsidian).
Verified but undocumented

These commands are known to exist, but their exact effects are not known. On live servers, some or all of them will return no verification of success or failure (neither an "unknown command" or "command not available"), indicating that the command is disabled on the live server, meaning that no-one, including GMs and game developers, is permitted to use it.

  • /.dp = Unknown.
  • /.event = Unknown.
  • /.ip = Unknown, supposedly connects to a specific game server's IP address
  • /.m = Unknown.
  • /.mark [event #] [player name] = Mark (suspend) a player's account.
  • /.monitor = Unknown.
  • /.mute = Unknown, perhaps disables a specific player's chat abilities.
  • /.partysize = Unknown. Maybe sets an outpost's maximum party size.
  • /.time = Unknown. Likely sets the in-game server time.
  • /.w = Unknown.
  • /^ = Unknown.

Staging server commands[edit]

These commands have been documented on staging servers by players involved with testing.

  • /.allheroes Unlocks all Heroes for use
  • /.allitems = Unlocks all Items for use
  • /.allmissions = Unlocks all Locations for use
  • /.allskills = Unlocks all Skills for use
  • /.ascend = Unknown. Probably grants the character "ascended" or "Weh no Su" status.
  • /.chest = Unknown. Probably forces a locked chest to open.
  • /.crash = Unknown. Likely forces the game to crash for debug purposes.
  • /.damage = Unknown. Perhaps deals you damage for a specified amount.
  • /.disconnect = Probably disconnects you or targeted user from the server.
  • /.exp [number] = Gives your character [number] Experience Points, up to 50000 at once
  • /.faction [0 for Kurzick, 1 for Luxon] 10000 = Gives you 10000 Kurzick or Luxon faction.
  • /.fame [number] = Unknown. This most likely allows developers to set their fame to test rank emotes and titles.
  • /.gold 100000 = 100 Platinum
  • /.heal = Unknown. Perhaps heals you for a specified amount
  • /.hotkey [number] [number] = Unknown.
  • /.item [string] = Unknown. Probably creates an item with the resref "string".
  • /.lockup = Unknown. Maybe forces the game to lock up (crash) for debug purposes.
  • /.loot [item] = Gives you an item (i.e. /.loot sigil for one Celestial Sigil )
  • /.mission = Unknown. Probably makes you enter a specified mission or completes it.
  • /.p = Displays your location in the map with X,Y,Z coordinates
  • /.playtime = Probably lists the account's current playing time.
  • /.quest = Unknown. Probably gives you the specified quest or completes it.
  • /.respawn = Unknown. Probably forces a dead character to respawn at a ressurection shrine.
  • /.ressurect = Unknown. Ressurects you?
  • /.rp = 10000 (or maximum) Balthazar Faction
  • /.run [number 1-9] = Alters Running Speed
  • /.spawn = Unknown. Maybe spawns a specified NPC.
  • /.t = Unknown.
  • /.teleport = Unknown. Perhaps teleports character to specified coordinates.
  • /.titlepoints [title's number] [points] = Change the status of a title. Title number range between 0 and 42.
  • /.trigger = Unknown. Probably forces a specific event to happen on the map.
  • /.unlock = Unknown. Probably unlocks a skill, item, or hero.
  • /.win = Unknown. Perhaps automatically win a PvP match.


  • If you have not enabled these special commands by use of /.gm, executing them will return a "command not available" error.


  • Gaile Gray had a special purple chat color at her own request until she left her position as Community Relationship Manager to become Support Liaison.
  • GM messages used to appear in green until the March 2, 2006 update.