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A Gate monkey, or GM, is a player paid to join a party in order to trigger an event required for moving forward or crossing a portal. The term is more commonly applied to players in pre-Searing that operate the lever to open the gate to The Northlands from Lakeside County. Typically, the GM leaves the party via map travel before their employer continues to the next zone.

Infrequently, the term is used in dungeon speed clears to describe the player character who waits near a Boss or Dungeon Lock, so that it can be opened as soon as the party obtains the required key. Very rarely, the term is used as a synonym for torch runner, the player who carries a bundle that is used to trigger events within a dungeon (e.g. in Shards of Orr or Arachni's Haunt).


  • The June 6, 2018 update doubled the length of time the gate into The Northlands stays open, rendering this practice obsolete within pre-Searing.