Ahni Ohkli

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Ahni Ohkli
Krytan child f.jpg
Affiliation Wintersday
Type Human
Level(s) 1
Campaign Core

Ahni Ohkli is a child found in the Dwayna Vs Grenth outpost during Wintersday. She is arguing with Bihli the Kidd.



Watch it. I may be a girl, but I've got an arm that can hit a rain beetle square in the eyes from two towns away!

The following conversation occurs between Ahni Ohkli and Bihli the Kidd:

Ahni Ohkli: "You dingus. Last of Master was the best snowball thrower ever."
Bihli the Kidd: "How can you say that? Bloodlight was soo good at chucking ice bombs he could hit a baby Yeti in the bum from the next time zone. So there!"
Ahni Ohkli: "Doesn't matter. Last of Master could split *THAT* snowball with a snowball of his own. And then...and then each half would strike the Yeti in both cheeks!"
Bihli the Kidd: "Uh, well...Bloodlight once won a guild-against-guild match alone. Blindfolded. During a blizzard. Ha!"
Ahni Ohkli: "Oh, yeah? Last of Master won a guild-against-guild match even though he was using both hands to eat dinner! He fought with his TOES!"
Bihli the Kidd: "Wait. How? What was he eating?"
Ahni Ohkli: "I dunno."
Bihli the Kidd: "Hw. Well, Bloodlight was so good at throwing snowballs, people suspected him of being trained by elite ninja snowball assassins in the high mountains of Cantha. Beat that!"
Ahni Ohkli: "That makes no sense. Ninjas can't play with snowballs...they wear black and you'd see them too easily. Everybody knows that! Last of Master is better. He played guild-against-guild for 38 hours straight (and by straight I mean he took restful breaks once an hour to avoid hand strain) while marching through Sorrow's Furnace and carrying all the Warriors in his entire guild on his back! Uphill! Both ways!"
Bihli the Kidd: "...Dude, that's so not true."
Ahni Ohkli: "So? Neither is your story about snowball assassins. And don't call me dude."
Bihli the Kidd: "Yeah well, I'm totally going to own you once we get in the arena."
Ahni Ohkli: "Yeah, we'll see."
Bihli the Kidd: "Yeah, we will. You just watch!"
Ahni Ohkli: "Any second now."
Bihli the Kidd: "Any second...you're gonna get two very cold, wet, and snowy snowballs to the face! Feel my icy wrath, icky girl!"
Ahni Ohkli: "Prepare to get Ahni-hilated, boy!"
Bihli the Kidd: "Oh ya? Prepare for pure pwnification! Oh noes!"
Ahni Ohkli: "...This timer certainly is taking its...time. I'm fresh out of insults."
Bihli the Kidd: "Sheesh. Me, too. Wanna start over?"