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Guild Wars 2 Suggestions

This page contains a list of suggestions that do not present anything new for GW2. Instead, it presents ideas requesting that certain features from GW1 be kept when making GW2. Suggestions that relate to this page but were originally made as a separate article are moved here.

Ectos and Shards (Discussion)

Have items in GW2 representing the same entity as Globs of Ectoplasm and Obsidian Shards in GW1.

Why this is a good idea
  • Nostalgia.
Why it may not work out
  • Because it is not something that everyone wants to farm for. Me as example: 3 years of play I have collected 75 ectos and some are donated from friends and guildies. and I have 0 Obsidian Shard
  • Nostalgia - play GW1

Everything (Discussion)

Change nothing.

Why this is a good idea
  • Many people likes GW1 the way it is.
Why it may not work out
  • More thinks there are things that could improve.
  • There is already a game like that: GW1
  • PvE people feel shortchanged with all the Nerfing going on. It is time to do something for them.
  • WTH is this? Why not just call it: Guild Wars: Ripoff? There are problems with the original, awesome as it is, and now we're finally getting them fixed, and you want to do something that you could acheive by just playing GW1 for the rest of your life?

Anything suggested (Discussion)

Don't follow any player suggestion. Only change things based on Anet's own ideas.

Why this is a good idea
  • Principled.
  • Saves time sorting the good suggestions out of the vast amounts of pointless noise.
Why it may not work out
  • Poor sales.
  • Somewhat hypocritical for a suggestion.
  • Peoples have real issues with certain things. IE: More storage, more dances, more emotes, more choices. So, not listening to them is definitely a dangerous thing to contemplate.
  • Not all player suggestions are bad, and the developers, being human, simply can't think of everything.
  • In a very practical way--i.e. what's it like to play this game without knowing all the mechanics behind it--the players know the game better than the developers.
  • This is a moot point, if they don't follow any players idea why should they follow this one at all?

Running (Discussion)

Running, in the meaning bypassing combat, should remain.

Why this is a good idea
  • Allows avoiding areas one find boring whit still progressing.
Why it may not work out
  • Players may miss content the designers intended them to experience, for nonobvious reasons.
  • Running was not intended to be in the first place, hence why you have Lonar Pass and "gates" in Cantha.

Professions (Discussion)

Don't add or remove any professions.

Why this is a good idea
  • PLayers would not have to relearn.
  • Players may be fond of a specific profession.
  • Current profession cover all aspects profession could cover.
  • Professions can be redesigned and rebalanced to avoid some of the problems in GW1.
Why it may not work out
  • Lack of something new to entice buyers.
  • Transfers all problems that stem from the current setup.
  • It would be boring to play the same profession "again" i've already made one each of all profession, sometime many time, frankly I don't want to repeat them in GW2. it has to be something similar but different as in you have your front line, center line and back line support.

Hero Battles (Discussion)

Have something like HvH. Any form of one human player+AIs.

Why this is a good idea
  • Many players enjoy current Hero Battles.
  • Players can do organised team PvP without having to be part of a group.
  • Easier to balance than true 1v1.
Why it may not work out
  • Ai system in GW2 may not work well with this.

The Jade Sea and Echovald Forest (Discussion)

Keep these areas as they are in GW1 for any Canthan expansion of GW2.

Why this is a good idea
  • Retaining unique environments.
  • Nostalgia.
Why it may not work out
  • Conflicts with story line.
  • Lose the oportunity to do something new.
  • Nostalgia - play guild wars 1
  • It would be extremely boring to travel through the same terrain yet again.
  • Does not appreciate Arena Net's Art team! I totally trust them to come up with new and more enchanting map/region/terrain.
  • It will cause an outburst of QQ on the forum which might run along this line: rip-off! everything is from Guild Wars 1 with a little tweak here and there.

Henchmen (Discussion)

Use henchmen as AI aids in GW2 too.

Why this is a good idea
  • Creates a form of difficulty setting, with extra challenge, which could be rewarded with a title.
  • They make team-based combat possible without the need for unreliable players, and engaging enemies in groups is always more fun than taking them down one by one
  • Not everyone likes to team with other players. Some players play for the setting, storyline, and gameplay but get nothing from the social experience (or even find it detracts from the rest of the game). Others want to play only with their real world friends. Henchmen allow these players to still take on missions that require larger teams.
  • Using henchmen is (or at least should be) optional--if you don't want to use them, don't. They make the game accessible to players who don't want to or can't team for some reason while taking nothing from it for those who don't want to use them.
Why it may not work out
  • Many players have bad memories of playing with henchmen.
  • Players should not need to rely on shoddy AI just to play the game.
  • Playing a "team" that is 7/8ths AI takes away from personal decision-making and experience.
  • AI characters tend to be either subpar or a form of "auto-pilot."

Click to Move (Discussion)

"Click to move" will be removed. Don't.

Why this is a good idea
  • Players find it useful in GW1.
  • Most Players like me use click to move and get out of sticky situation in combat.
  • it's a good idea to considered as an option
  • keeps people who likes "Click to move" system
Why it may not work out
  • Does not work with new movement system.

"Old School" Graphics (Discussion)

Simply put the major problem with sequels that I, and likely many others, have is that when it is released it looks Nothing like the original. Now I would love to see a few touch ups here and there but the thing to keep from guild wars is the feel that the graphics have. Main thing to avoid would be "cartoony" graphics.

Why this is a good idea
  • some people like the way GW1 looks
  • removes the feeling of playing Guild Wars
Why it may not work out
  • some people would prefer other graphic styles.
  • They have NEVER said: "We'll make the graphics horrible an cartoony". They said: "We can support better graphics, so we will increase the number of polygons and textures."
  • Give the Art team some credit will you. Cartoony is an insult to Guild Wars award winning graphic. also it has been mention that photo-realism is what the art team is trying to avoid.

Chests (Discussion)

Keep chests as they are currently in normal mode (not EotN), openable with certain keys based on area. Also make keys drop a bit more, currently the key drops are just a littlebit too rare.

Why this is a good idea
  • Because everyone loves chests
  • Nostalgia
Why it may not work out
  • It's kind of silly that I can kill MOB's that are made from stone but I can't break open a chest. Make it so that you can but you also have a chance of also breaking whatever was in the chest and to rub a little salt in the wound if you do... tell them what they broke.