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Mantra of Inscriptions Mantra of Inscriptions

Sun Fired Blank's Issue -- 20:34, 4 June 2008 (UTC)


Part of the signet's fundamental design is an extended recharge to balance the cost lack. Mantra of Inscriptions clearly does not enable this, and many signets are very dangerous or powerful under Mantra of Inscriptions. Also, the proper use of negative sets enables the use of otherwise very expensive options for almost no-penalty.
Very general engines -- options that augment various other options -- are unhealthy for the game and have previously required nerfs (e.g. Deadly Paradox). Mantra is responsible for the prevalence of signet mesmer in various formats.
Signet of Disenchantment becomes a very powerful enchantment removal that outdoes many similar options.
Purge Signet is a stupidly powerful hex / condition removal.
Signet of Distraction rivals Distracting Shot in function.
Signet of Humility can permanently disable an elite.
Signet of Midnight has an output in 4v4 that is very hard to fight and is exceptional trouble paired to several necromancer options (e.g. Plague Sending).
Signet of Judgment is 2 / 11 seconds KD'd plus AoE.
Bane Signet is a very disruptive linebacking option.
Signet of Rage causes ridiculous damage to adrenal frontliners.
Strength and Honor can be used on the frontline for almost no cost.
Holy Wrath can be used on the midline / backline for almost no cost.
Mirror of Disenchantment can be used for almost no cost.

Attribute: Fast Casting. 15E, 30R: (5...29 seconds). Your signets recharge 10...25% faster.
Any fire and forget is very bad for general play, and individual options that have a greater uptime versus downtime are stupid. However, my general sense is that Mantra would not be very useful as a disposable option. These changes are ideal for a number of reasons.
- The duration continues to permit for the 100% uptime of the stance, but only if you spec very high.
- The recharge bonus nerf is more realistic in terms of a desirable bonus for signets, and helps to stop a permament disable from Signet of Humility.
- Moving it from Inspiration Magic to Fast Casting discourages people from only using a very high spec and inspiration options and excludes potential abuse by other professions. This may be the reason that other options (e.g. Symbolic Celerity, Symbolic Posture, Symbols of Inspiration) reside in Fast Casting rather than Inspiration.

A. von Rin's Issue -- A. von Rin 14:50, 6 June 2008 (UTC)

This skill makes Signet-Mesmers atm pretty OP and there are only very few uncommon ways to counter this skill.
Change it from Stance to Enchantment Spell and up recharge time to 45 seconds. "Enchantment Spell. (30...78...90 seconds.) Your signets recharge 25...45...50% faster. Energy: 10 / Casting time: 1/4 second / Recharge 45 seconds."

Impaled's Issue -- 22 July 2008

Possibly overnerfed, not very exciting.
Reduce energy cost to 5, change to "Stance. For 5...29...35 seconds, signets you successfully activate while in this stance recharge 33% faster but cost 4...3...2 more energy." (energy breakpoints at 8 and 14)
This would basically work as a tradeoff between better recharge times and energy efficiency, and would hopefully make it more interesting to use!

This skill is borked! Rework it

Overnerfed, but certain builds and signets keep this in the trash.
5e 15r "For 15...75...90 seconds your signets activate 33% faster and whenever you use a signet, it acts as if that signet's attribute was increased by 0...3...4. Whenever you are the target of an enemy signet, it takes 33% longer to recharge."
Now this skill can be taken out of the trash without being overpowered. Decrease recharge of most signets slightly to make up for this. It could even serve as a useful counter to certain gimmicks such as toxic shock spike.