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Update - Thursday, June 12, 2008[edit]

Skill Updates[edit]

In this update, we are again changing a few key skills for PvP only or for PvE only. However, most of the skill balances are the same for both the PvP and PvE aspects of the game.

PvE and PvP[edit]

Most of these changes improve upon existing skills. A few are power reductions that are not expected to be detrimental to PvE play. Three skills (Soul Bind, Rust, and Lightning Touch) are having their core function changed to make them more useful outside of niche circumstances. The following skills will change in both PvE and PvP:

  • Rust Rust: increased Energy cost to 10; decreased casting time to 1 second; functionality changed to: "Deals 10...58...70 cold damage. For 5...17...20 seconds, target foe and all adjacent foes take twice as long to activate signets."
  • Lightning Touch Lightning Touch: functionality changed to: "Target touched foe and all adjacent foes are struck for 10...50...60 lightning damage. Foes suffering from a Water Magic hex are Blinded for 3...7...8 seconds. This skill has 25% armor penetration."
  • Arc Lightning Arc Lightning: increased conditional damage to 15...63...75.
  • Fetid Ground Fetid Ground: decreased Energy cost to 5.
  • Suffering Suffering: increased Health degeneration to -1...3...3.
  • Vile Miasma Vile Miasma: increased Health degeneration to -1...4...5.
  • Soul Bind Soul Bind: decreased casting time to 1 second; functionality changed to: "For 30 seconds, every time target foe is healed, the healer takes 20...68...80 damage. This hex ends if target is suffering from a Smiting Prayers hex."
  • Antidote Signet Antidote Signet: functionality changed to: "Cleanse yourself of Poison, Disease, Blindness, and one additional condition."
  • Barbed Arrows Barbed Arrows: increased duration to 24 seconds; removed easily interruptible; you now have -40 armor while activating this skill.

PvE Changes[edit]

The improvements here are appropriate for PvE but would not benefit PvP play balance. The following skills will change in PvE:

  • Mystic Regeneration Mystic Regeneration: decreased recharge to 5 seconds; increased the maximum number of enchantments counted to 8.

PvP Changes[edit]

The significant power reductions here are important to address current PvP play balance but are not necessary for PvE. The following skills will change in PvP:

  • Ancestors' Rage (PvP) Ancestors' Rage (PvP): increased duration to 2 seconds; decreased damage to 5...41...50; functionality changed to: "For 2 seconds all foes adjacent to target ally are struck for 5...41...50 lightning damage each second."
  • Splinter Weapon (PvP) Splinter Weapon (PvP): decreased damage to 5...25...30.
  • "For Great Justice!" (PvP) "For Great Justice!" (PvP): functionality changed to: "For 20 seconds, when you hit with an attack, you gain 1 additional strike of adrenaline."

Bug Fixes[edit]

Guild Wars Wiki notes[edit]

  • Added Xunlai Tournament rewards.
  • The reward points earned from the Xunlai Tournament rewards are different than as listed on the website.
  • The recharge time of Rust was changed to 8 seconds