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Please comment on this using the Discussion Page. Thank you. MiraLantis 06:01, 8 March 2008 (UTC)

Penetrating Attack Penetrating Attack

Sundering Attack Sundering Attack

Pluto's Issue -- 04:34, 8 March 2008 (UTC)


Not necessarily this skill alone, but in combination with all the other 1 second activation attacks, and prepared shot. Often have been seeing flail with this bar as well. The bar is retardedly easy to play, and has insane damage output. To top it off, one of the best skills to help ensure it didn't get out of control got nerfed (shield's up). It hasn't really become incredibly popular yet, but I suspect it will become so pretty soon. I strongly feel it needs to be handled before it gets out of hand.
Remove the activations on these skills. Or, you could possibly nerf prepared shot, so that the rangers can't spam the attacks so long.
Another possible solution is to increase the recharge significantly.

==Phill's issue -- Overnerfed. the recharge was doubled and the AP reduced by half. This killed both the skills right out of use. Truly, No reason should ever be good enough to nerf a build out of existence, even if it was overpowered.


Suggestion 1- Set recharge at 3. Suggestion 2- Set AP at 15%. Suggestion 3- Revert to original state, no 1 activation. At least it was used then.

Psychiatric Consultant's Issue -- July 7, 2008

Overnerfed, not enough damage/ap to be worth 10 energy/skill slot......
Few classes have the means to apply cracked armor so why not add it to these attacks something like this... Penetrating attack 10/1/8 Shoot an arrow that strikes for +5..21 damage if it hits and causes cracked armor for 5..17 seconds(standard 1-12 attribute progression). This would give rangers the means to apply cracked armor for themselves (body shot, piercing trap) and give them the ability to spike-assist other melee classes with skills like Body Blow and Chest Thumper by applying the needed cracked armor condition. It also wouldn't be imbalanced with a recharge of 8 so guardian/dismiss wouldn't be wasted. So you would have a utility skill (which rangers are famous for) instead of that retarded turret build and it would be better than it is now....which is useless. Psychiatric Consultant 23:00, 7 July 2008 (UTC)

Rework overpowered skills, don't nerf them until they are pointlessly bad

Completely bad, maybe worth 5 energy, but not 10.
5e 3r, +5...15...17 damage and 15%AP. No 1 second activation.